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Popbela's Support on the Creativity of Local Pride

27 Nov 19 | 14:36

Amelia Rosary

Popbela's Support on the Creativity of Local Pride

What? Around IDR 300.000 and we get the best quality of a backpack?

Most of us must have understood the meaning of local pride. The Timmys at Popbela mentioned to us how local pride had been one of the concerns that they intended to voice out. Popbela, according to what Jennifer Atanjung (Creative Writer) said, raised local beauty and fashion brands. She mentioned, "We do product reviews and recommendations. It actually aims to let the readers know that we have many local products worth purchase. Also, when they are about to buy a certain local product, for example, they usually will want to know about it more deeply. We, then, provide them some reviews of many local products in order to help them out.”

The important thing that we should really notice was the honest review done by Popbela. To keep the satisfaction of the readers, Judithya Pitana (Editor-in-Chief) explained to us, “We never publish any products that we ourselves haven’t tried yet. We’ll always make sure that each product which we say good is really good. For example, we have to know the formula contained the texture. For fashion products, we wear it ourselves in order to make sure that the fabric is really good at quality.” She added that Popbela often had a sharing session with the brand owners to have the stories standing behind the products. In essence, each product reviewed and recommended by Popbela must have undergone a process of thorough research.


In order to reveal our pride in wearing local products, we always selected young and inspirational figures in Indonesia. Micahel Richards (Fashion Editor) mentioned, “#IAMREAL, the hashtag Popbela lifts up, is actually not only to encourage women to embrace their kinds of beauty but also to show that we also have many local talented artists and influencers who can be your sources of inspiration, such as Adinia Wirasti, Waway, etc."

Well, Indonesia was rich in creativity, too. Local pride with good quality and affordable prices had successfully attracted the attention of many other countries' attention. Purchasing Indonesian products equaled supporting the Indonesians' creations.

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