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DUNIAKU.COM: Geek Culture Shows a Strong Presence and Has Evolved from Time to Time

28 Nov 19 | 14:39

Amelia Rosary

DUNIAKU.COM: Geek Culture Shows a Strong Presence and  Has Evolved from Time to Time

You, who are savvy about game, anime, manga, tech, and gadget, should know that comes especially for you! Acquired by IDN Media and launched last September 6, 2019, will become your guide to keep yourself updated about anything related to geek culture.

Some people are questioning the reason why is eventually acquired by IDN Media. Now, our Timmy, Stefanus Gunawan, who is a Senior Software Back-End Engineer at, will explain why. “There are people who are crazy about things like games, anime, manga, tech, and gadgets and this hype stands strongly from time to time. However, there are still a few media that focus on that field. We want to be the first who stands at the forefront,” he explained. 

Joker, as one example of a new movie, is reviewed by since most of the readers are those who usually keep an eye on the latest updates about a comic, movie, or game reviews. Gunawan revealed, “It’s why has always provided updated news about it all. We have a special review channel and it’s our top feature where we review all films, comics, and gadgets.” It will make everything easier as these maniacs won’t need to search to and fro—all will be in one portal. 

These enthusiasts in create new communities or even enlarge the existing communities. As the Senior Software Back-End Engineer at, Gunawan shared, “Providing various kinds of manga makes it possible for readers to be interested in reading another manga and finally become a fan of it. That way, the community will grow.” The team of also stated, “We want to collaborate with an existing community to hold an event so that the community will be better known and our brand is also increasingly attached to the community.” can’t wait to meet the needs of all geek culture enthusiasts all across Indonesia to reveal the most recent information about games, anime, manga, comics, film, toy, technology, and many more. With’s digital literacy, we do believe that can inspire Millennial and Gen Z to become a part of the creative community in the era of Industry 4.0

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