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Who Knew that Looking Young, for IDN Media’s Business Development, was an Advantage?

28 Nov 19 | 14:00

Amelia Rosary

Who Knew that Looking Young, for IDN Media’s Business Development, was an Advantage?

It was an easy afternoon when we surprisingly came to Dega’s and Inka’s table at the corner of the room. Some people would only think that being a salesperson was just going to be all about looking as attractive as we could, but would we imagine how it felt to wear high-heels for 8 hours? This blog, then, was about how the Business Development of a millennial company looked on their outfits simply in their daily life!

"This is generally how I look," Dega said—not too much, he probably didn't want to seem too complicated about fashion. Usually looking after the e-commerce accounts, he wore a black t-shirt with a light brown soft jeans jacket, jeans bottom on, and light brown sneakers today. "I never wear too formal outfit. To meet my clients, well, Business Development teams will wear IDN Media's uniform, but daily, every Timmy is allowed to wear casual attire, it’s really no dress code policy!" Timmys often modified the ways we wore the uniform—it was just us being creative.

Inka, the one specializing in the governmental accounts, mentioned, "Actually, I’ll have to meet my client today, but my uniform is still in the laundry basket, so I wear my daily outfit: a plain t-shirt for my top, jeans for my bottom. However, to make it a little bit formal, I put this tribal outer on and high heels—like this. It's basically so simple." She admitted that the way we looked would be one of the standards whether or not we were convincing, but if wearing something comfy didn't stop us from making achievements, why not?

According to their secret tips, looking young in front of your clients (well, we’d better call them collaborators, instead of clients) would drive them into an understanding that we were also a millennial and so we could help them make new strategies since mostly, their market target would be millennials now. What the best luck to work at a company as the voice of Millennials and Gen Z!

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