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Indonesia’s National Tale Day: A Single Story or a Sharing After an Exhausting Day

28 Nov 19 | 13:55

Amelia Rosary

Indonesia’s National Tale Day: A Single Story or a Sharing After an Exhausting Day

According to the national calendar, today, 28 November 2018 should be the National Tale Day. However, after reading some news, uh-oh! Last 26 November 2019 was the date when our Minister of Education and Culture, Nadiem Makarim, gathered many students of some elementary schools in Jakarta to tell them fairytales and folklores. 

It wasn’t IDN Media if it wasn’t anything about millennials, so we’d talk about the National Tale Day based on the point-of-view of young parents in the company.

Hmm, millennial parents who worked usually would have little time to spend with their children. To tell a story every night to their children? Well, it might be. However, we found at least two Timmys who told a story to their children. Niken Yulia Andani (Business Development) and Novy Agrina ( Editor) would share with us about their habits before tucking their children in.

“My son is now on the 2nd grade of elementary school and I still tell him a story before bed. Not every single night, I must admit, but it can be four times a week, more or less. The stories will include the stories of prophets, international tales like ‘Hansel and Gretel’, ‘The Gingerbread Man, etc,” Niken said. It actually wasn’t always that kind of story, but sharing what they had been throughout the day could be another option. This kind of moment after a busy day really meant a lot for the communication between the mother and the child. That way, their verbal ability would be sharpened.

Not only seen from the psychological closeness, the imagination ability would also be developed. Novy added, “Imagination for children is very important to ignite various ideas so that we can actualize them in the real world. Without imagination, things may not be really created, though. Entering the toddler stage, yes, kid stories are very impactful for my son.” She believed that for the sake of the kids’ growth, it wasn’t only the mother that took part, the father should be involved as well.

Anything best for our children was really worth to effort. If a single story or simply a sharing after an exhausting day could do good, why should we not try?

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