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It’s Coffee Time in IDN Media’s Melting Pot

29 Nov 19 | 23:00

Amelia Rosary

It’s Coffee Time in IDN Media’s Melting Pot

The sky sheltering Jakarta was cloudy lately. It was grey and the clouds seemed to be very heavy carrying the droplets. The clock had struck at 02.00 PM and we began feeling sleepy after having lunch, so we decided to go to the melting pot with some friends of ours to make a cup of espresso.

Yes, a cup of coffee would probably refresh our busy day. The coffee machine was located in the melting pot on the 16th floor of the building. Anyway, what was actually the significance of the melting pot? Like its name, it was expected to be a place where all Timmys could gather and mingle, especially at our lunchtime. The meal could never be brought to the working rooms because if so, we wouldn’t have any conversation with other Timmys. You got the sense, right? 

Dewi Rosita Sari (Digital Ads Associate) and Astika Alivia (Graphic Designer) agreed that the melting pot helped us get to know each other. Dewi said, “Yeah, we melt! I mean, we can meet other Timmys from other departments and know them better. We may not know all the Timmys in the same office since there are a lot of people. Therefore, interactions are needed.” IDN Media intentionally had made this melting pot as one of the company’s objectives to uphold the value of inclusivity in all Timmys’ minds. However, Asti added, “To be realistic, it’ll depend on the personality of each Timmy. If one is an extrovert, it’s very possible for him or her to get more connections within the company, while if one is an introvert, it won't be that easy.”

We could utilize the melting pot to get more acquaintances, but what about those who preferred to keep silent? Of course, to keep ourselves wise, we could embrace those introvert colleagues to also have communication with others. Sometimes, we couldn't wait for them to reach us because if we could reach them out as well, why should we not start?

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