IDN Times x BE Home: Seeing Mental Health Disorder from Both Medical and Personal Points of View

Amelia Rosary Dewi | 26 February 2020

A lot of people talk about mental health lately. This is, of course, something good that we want to voice out as well. If we have a mental health problem or at least believe we may have one, it can be helpful to talk about these issues with others. It may be scary to seek help in the first place, but it often helps us recover at last.

It, then, becomes the most significant factor determining the emerge of this mental health discussion initiated by IDN Times. Iqbal Djoha, as one of the parts of IDN Media’s Community Development taking care of IDN Times’ events, explained, “I can say we’re very lucky this time as we’re about to have the coming of Sri Juwita K, M.Psi (Psychologist) and Hanna Madness (Artist and Mental Health Activist). Of course, Sri Juwita will explain about the issue medically, but interestingly, Hanna Madness won’t come only as a speaker because she herself was used to having a mental problem: an undiagnosed bipolar disorder. Instead, she’ll come as a struggler, a fighter who has successfully transformed her dread into something more powerful through art.”


Yes, an undiagnosed bipolar disorder is a serious mental disorder in which people interpret reality abnormally: it may result in some combination of hallucinations, delusions. The guest of ours, Hanna Madness, will share the details of how she can extraordinarily manage the disorder and pour it down into colorful and cheerful drawings. It mustn’t be something easy to get through, must it?


This discussion aims to continue every effort that other parties have begun to execute. By bringing up capable and experienced speakers, it hopefully can help inspire our friends who may have a mental health problem or at least believe that they may have one. The stigma that all people with any kind s of mental disorder are mad people must end now.

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