Popmama.com's Second Anniversary Celebration: February Love, Millennial Mamas Should Know Their Worth

Amelia Rosary Dewi | 20 February 2020

We could still feel the ambiance of Popmama.com’s second anniversary that occurred last 18 February 2020. Today, on 20 February 2020, we celebrated its special day together at the Melting Pot. 

To make the celebration become more meaningful, a film entitled “Faked” opened up the event in the afternoon. This Indonesian movie was about a young mother who had Postpartum Depression (PPD) and it made her unable to breastfeed her baby. Then, she decided to do hypnotherapy, which then revealed her traumatic experience when she was in the 4th grade of primary school: she was the victim of a male teacher with pedophilia. This film was expected to make millennial parents aware of the condition of their kids—was there something odd and how could we protect them?

The agenda went on with our monthly activity: Popmama Arisan, a regular social gathering in which Popmama.com brought a certain parenting issue as well as invited several credible speakers. "Recharge and Love Yourself", as the topic, invited millennial mamas to take care of and love themselves well. Because being happy, after all, was a good medicine for any kind of sickness.

After our CEO, Winston Utomo, sent his best wishes for Popmama.com, we held some games for all millennial mamas invited. The games were to take away the gap between each mama that one of the games was called "Lipstick On". Mamas had to eat an ice cream without removing the lipstick at all (okay, we knew how it felt for the mamas whose teeth were sensitive).


Yes, what a happy celebration! In this month full of love, Popmama.com reminded millennial mamas not to be too hard on themselves. We should take time to realize that we also needed some space of our own.