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IDN Times is a news and entertainment media for Millennials and Gen Z in Indonesia with over 40 million unique visitors every month. IDN Times is now the #5 digital media in Indonesia according to comScore (Unique Visitors).

One unique feature of IDN Times is IDN Times Community, a user-generated writing platform that allows everyone to write and publish in IDN Times. It is launched on February 2017 and per January 2019, IDN Times has over 80,000 community writers across Indonesia.

IDN Times’ official hashtag is #SuaraMillennial, as it envisions to become the voice of Millennials and Gen Z in Indonesia.

IDN Times’ signature events are Indonesia Millennial Summit (held every January) and Indonesia Writers Festival (held every August).

Popbela is a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle digital media company for Millennials and Gen Z women in Indonesia with over 8 million unique visitors every month. is now #1 female media in Indonesia according to comScore (Unique Visitors). crafts the latest trending and relevant content to its smart audience, ranging from pop-culture, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, to social, politics, career, and culture. strives to deliver high quality and worth-sharing content to its audience right where they are, utilizing its massive and interconnected multi-platform channels. believes in 8 pillars: gender equality, anti sexual harassment, anti bullying, anti stereotyping, unity in different races and ethnicities, unity in different religions, unity in different worldview, and redefining beauty.’s official hashtag is #IAMREAL.’s signature event is BeautyFest Asia, which is the biggest beauty festival and conference in Indonesia (held every March).

Popmama is a parenting media for Millennial Mama in Indonesia with over 3 million unique visitors every month. It envisions to become the parenting guide for all Millennial Mama in Indonesia. Covering high quality content from pregnancy, baby, kids, and big kids, is now the #1 parenting media in Indonesia.’s official hashtag is #MillennialMama.’s signature event is Popmama Expo (Popex), which is a shopping expo for Millennial Mama in Indonesia (held every September).


Yummy is a food-focused media for Millennials and Gen Z in Indonesia. With its official hashtag #MasakituGampang, Yummy envisions to inspire all Millennials and Gen Z to be able to cook by themselves. Yummy now has over 75 million video views every month and is the most watched original food-focused media in Indonesia.

IDN Creative

IDN Creative is a data-driven creative digital agency, focuses on brand storytelling, content creation, and distribution across multi-platform. It helps brands build their presence online by creating a 360° campaign that shapes opinion, has substance, and is relevant to the brands’ audience Various services are offered such as portal management, online competition, and integrated content creation. IDN Creative has collaborated with more than 200 leading Indonesian brands including Unilever, L'Oreal, Procter & Gamble, Djarum, Tokopedia, Samsung, Beiersdorf, and Traveloka.

IDN Creative Network

IDN Creator Network (ICN) is a creator marketing platform that uses big data, artificial intelligence, and advanced curators to help brands engage with the best influencers and achieve the best ROI. ICN’s extensive network consists of 3,000+ influencers in top 12 cities in Indonesia. It uses fraud filter to ensure brand safety and price-lock to guarantee the best price. ICN’s proprietary big data mechanism include variables such as relevance, brand proximity, content style, interest, geography, SES, gender, engagement resonance, reach, engagement rate, budget, and other important variables. IDN Creator Network has collaborated with more than 80 leading Indonesian brands.

IDN Event

IDN Event is an experiential marketing agency that focuses on creating signature events for our medias & brands that are memorable, shareable, high-impact and grabbing the headlines. IDN Event’s signature experiential events are in multiple fronts: Conference (Indonesia Millennial Summit), Beauty Exhibition & Conference (BeautyFest Asia), Music Concert (Soundscape), Writing Festival (Indonesia Writers Festival), Family & Baby Products Exhibition (Popmama Expo), and Cooking Festival (Yummy Festival). IDN Event has worked with more than 50 leading Indonesian brands.

GGWP.ID is the leading multi-platform esports company in Indonesia. With the vision to make "eSports for Everyone", GGWP.ID believes that esports can bring positive impacts to the society.

GGWP.ID's signature event is Game Prime - the leading gaming event in Indonesia that is being held in cooperation with BEKRAF (Badan Ekonomi Kreatif) Republik Indonesia and AGI (Asosiasi Game Indonesia).