System Analyst

Jobs Description

  • Evaluate and enhance current technical analysis and architecture of our systems.
  • Design quality API, GRPC, Proto or other communication protocols for multiple systems.
  • Create a thorough analysis documentation and specifications.
  • Cooperate with Software Engineers to create a holistic solution.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Graduate from CS/IT or 2 years of experience at System Analyst role.
  • Understands and able to do programming, know the limitation & effects thus able to
  • create a design that will take programming as a factor.
  • Understand how to capture software requirements from client interviews.
  • Able to translate requirements to design documents readable for both client and software engineers.
  • Know and ready to create all the docs needed to start development.

Placeholder Surabaya

Job Full time

Calendar October 24, 2021

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