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Indonesia Memasak by Yummy "Jelajah Masakan Nusantara" Shares Inspirational Recipes

Amelia Rosary

30 Dec 20 | 15:45

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Indonesia Memasak by Yummy is the first signature event presented by Yummy having been running since the beginning of this month. Yummy is one of IDN Media’s digital platforms focusing on cooking-based content for Millennials and Gen Z. Taking "Jelajah Masakan Nusantara" as its theme, Indonesia Memasak by Yummy invites many well-known and influential culinary figures in the country.

The richness of Indonesian taste has become an inspiration, dragging Indonesia Memasak by Yummy to provide a variety of interesting events, such as online cooking classes, talk shows, F&B workshops, and entertainment. The invited culinary figures discuss a lot of special topics, ranging from traditional Indonesian beverages, healthy food for children, online culinary business, vegan food with local ingredients, to many other inspirational topics.

In its initial year, Indonesia Memasak by Yummy has created a lot of brand new recipes for Indonesian dishes that are then posted and shared on Yummy App. Those include Soto Banjar, Kue Paku, Sate Gogos, Colo Colo Grilled Fish, Halua Kenari, and a lot more. Reaching up to this point, Yummy App has gained more than 1 million monthly users (Monthly Active Users/MAU) as it’s come with various interesting features. Available on the Google Play Store and App Store, Yummy App also allows its audience to upload their own versions of creations.

Held until 31 December 2020, Indonesia Memasak by Yummy is committed to preserving the wonderful taste of the archipelago by sharing a bunch of inspiration and knowledge about Indonesian culinary. Stay tuned to the biggest online cooking event in Indonesia, Indonesia Memasak by Yummy, on Yummy App, the Instagram accounts of @indonesiamemasakbyyummy or, and Yummy's official account on YouTube!

Zefanya Deby, Head of Communications IDN Media - "With the coming of Indonesia Memasak by Yummy, we’d like to present a number of inspiring events for Yummy audience. Indonesia Memasak by Yummy is expected to bring back their enthusiasm in cooking, especially amid the moment of hardship we all are undergoing. More than that, we also want the Indonesia Memasak by Yummy to inspire Yummy audience, especially those intending to initiate their business in culinary.”

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