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Balada Si Roy Film Production Begins, the Deputy Governor of Banten Gives His Support

Amelia Rosary

15 Jan 21 | 16:00

Heading 2

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After announcing the casts of Balada Si Roy the movie last December 2020 through a virtual press conference, IDN Pictures has just taken the first step to produce its initial film project on Sunday, January 10, 2021. Adapted from a legendary novel written by Gol A Gong, the first shooting of the film is held in Banten and attended not only by Gol A Gong himself but also by the Deputy Governor of Banten, Andika Hazrumy.


Thirty-two years since the coming of Balada Si Roy, the author, Gol A Gong, finally gives his trust to IDN Pictures to work on his book and transform it into a big-screen project. Balada Si Roy the movie presents many talented young actors and actresses, such as Abidzar Al-Ghifari as Roy, Febby Rastanty as Ani, Bio One as Dullah, Zulfa Maharani as Wiwik, Sitha Marino as Dewi.


In addition, Omara Esteghlal will play Toni, Yusuf Mahardika as Edi, Jourdy Pranata as Andi, Fachri Muhammad as Sodik, and Dea Aditya as Iwan. Some senior actors and actresses will also be involved in the first project of IDN Pictures. They include Maudy Koesnaedi as Roy’s mother and Kiki Narendra as Ani’s father. 


Not only does it get support from the big fans of the novel, but the film project receives full support from the Local Government of Banten. The event which marked the first day of the filming process was also attended by the Deputy Governor of Banten, Andika Hazrumy. Balada Si Roy the movie is expected to lay its positive impacts on Banten’s local tourism sector as well as its people. 


Winston Utomo, the CEO of IDN Media - “Balada Si Roy tells the story of a young man who wanders outside the city to unveil his true self. Hopefully, people can favorably receive the film as ensuring the quality of the film has been the very first thing on the list. Before eventually executing the plan, there were a lot of things that required extra consideration, especially because the production would be carried out during the pandemic. However, we always believe that if done earnestly, the result will go in the same direction.”


Andika Hazrumy, the Deputy Governor of Banten - “I am a loyal reader of Hai magazine, and one of the things I enjoyed the most was reading the story of Balada Si Roy in the magazine. The fact that IDN Pictures carries out the story to the big screen, we hope that this film will raise the spirit of the people of Banten. Hopefully, Banten will be better known and the local tourism sector will get even stronger. Don't forget to apply the health protocols.”

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