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Elevating Optimism, IDN Media Holds Emergency Fundraising for Disaster Relief through IDN Foundation

Amelia Rosary

21 Jan 21 | 11:33

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The pandemic that has not significantly subsided as well as the natural disasters occurring in several regions of Indonesia in early 2021, are causing even more uncertainty. This prompts IDN Media to initiate an emergency fundraising for those affected by the natural disasters. Therefore, IDN Media, through the IDN Foundation, has just launched a campaign called #KitaIDN: Helping Indonesian Natural Disaster Victims.


The flood that hits South Kalimantan and North Sulawesi, landslides in Sumedang as well as North Sulawesi, quakes that rattle West Sulawesi, and the eruption of Mount Semeru, are only some of those that have become IDN Media’s main focus. Not only have they just lost their material possessions, some of the victims even have to lose their family members. Responding to that fact, IDN Media invites all Indonesians to give help to the victims through Kitabisa


The collected donations will be allocated for food, groceries, medicines, and personal hygiene kits. In addition to that, IDN Media, through #KitaIDN: Help Indonesian Natural Disaster Victims campaign, is intended to enhance the sense of optimism and enthusiasm to go through this difficult time together. Because we are Indonesia, #KitaIDN.


Zefanya Deby, Head of Communications IDN Media - “Through IDN Foundation, IDN Media is holding a fundraising initiative for our brothers and sisters who have just been affected by the natural disasters in several regions of Indonesia. Collected in Kitabisa’s platform, IDN Foundation will allocate the funds for the basic needs of the victims, such as groceries, medicines, and others. Amid the havoc due to the pandemic and the natural disasters that have just occurred in our country, we must look after each other, unite to help each other, and remain optimistic about a better day that will soon arrive.”

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