top of page’s 5th Anniversary: Supporting Women Empowerment in Indonesia, Keeps Its Commitment to Producing Inspiring Content

Amelia Rosary

14 Feb 21 | 15:00

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On February 14, 2021, is celebrating its 5th birthday. As a female media targetting Millennial and Gen Z women in Indonesia, presents the most up-to-date and relevant topics related to fashion, beauty, career, lifestyle, and relationships. On its 5th anniversary, still takes hold of its vision, namely to become an online media that unites and supports all women across the archipelago.


Through the quality and inspirational content as well as’s commitment to its vision, the female media owned by IDN Media also consistently voices out campaigns that promote women empowerment. Among them are #IAMREAL, a 2019 campaign about redefining beauty, and #FutureIsFemale, a 2020 campaign focusing on gender equality. This year, will run the #WeRunTheWorld campaign, which also lifts up issues related to women's empowerment.


In the same spirit of resilience,'s commitment to providing quality content is deeply appreciated by its loyal audience. Currently, its Monthly Active Users (MAU) has reached more than 12 million MAU. To gain this, speed, believes, is not the only factor that must be considered when producing news. It is undoubtedly important, but credibility is the overriding key to produce high-quality and meet the readers’ needs. expects to always become the companion for Millennial and Gen Z women in Indonesia.


Judithya Pitana, Editor-in-Chief of “This 5th anniversary of is not merely a celebration. Instead, it’s a moment of reflection, a moment of contemplation. Whatever may be coming ahead, try to have a depiction of it, then manifest it by producing more inspiring content, building a bigger community, and networking with wider connections.”

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