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Celebrating the 3rd Anniversary, as a Medium for Millennial Mamas to Have Each Other’s Back

Amelia Rosary

18 Feb 21 | 14:00

Heading 2

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February 18, 2021, is celebrating its 3rd birthday. Providing various kinds of up-to-date and relevant parenting information, wants to be the right place for Millennial Mamas to learn and share ideas regarding their experiences of being parents, especially during this pandemic.

On its 3rd anniversary,, which now has 12 million Monthly Active Users (MAU), has succeeded in developing Community Channel. The channel has gained more than tens of thousands of members from all over the country. Some other mediums, such as WhatsApp groups, social media, and websites enable to get to know its audience better and interact with them more closely. With this 2-way-interaction, can genuinely meet the needs of Millennial Mamas.

Other than being able to find answers through discussions with other Millennial Mamas and the team, the audience is also able to interact with experts, such as obstetricians, pediatricians, general practitioners, and psychologists who are always ready to answer their every question. On this special day, invites more Mamas to join the community, so they can get to know and support each other better. With the right support, being parents will certainly appear to be way lighter, happier, and more enjoyable, believes.

Sandra Ratnasari, Editor-in-Chief of "Like it or not, getting through the pandemic with our family is a once in a lifetime moment. The pandemic impels us to stay at home, close to our family, so make the best out of it! Enjoy every moment that we spend with our children and husband. Celebrating's anniversary, we will hold several competitions on Instagram and Community Channel. Exciting webinars will also be specially conducted for some lucky Millennial Mamas. Stay healthy and stay happy!”

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