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Commemorating Its 4th Anniversary, IDN Creator Network to be the One-Stop Solution for Influencer Marketing

Amelia Rosary

8 Mar 21 | 13:00

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On March 8, 2021, IDN Creator Network is celebrating its 4th anniversary. As an experienced creator marketing platform connecting hundreds of brands with thousands of influencers, celebrities, and creators, the anniversary has marked its consistency in telling the truest stories behind brands. IDN Creator Network has put this into action by keeping on creating marketing strategies touching the emotional side of consumers while aligning them with the objectives of the brands.


Presenting authentic, creative, and inspirational storytelling, IDN Creator Network, on its 4th anniversary, also continues to innovate. After successfully launching 4 services that include Campaign, Hyperlocal Influencer, IDN Creator Network Roadshow, and Brand Ambassador Management, IDN Creator Network is currently in the final stage of creating Talent Representation, a service aiming to assist influencers in doing the audience profiling, asset assessment, brand matching, and go-to-market strategy.


Intending to create a complementing business ecosystem, IDN Creator Network wants to be the one-stop solution for influencer marketing that gives its best by providing optimal content delivery and precise timeline, as well as utilizing a variety of platforms that are considered to be relevant and engaging. It enables IDN Creator Network to connect with more brands and agencies.


Madasakti Octobiyanto, Product Lead IDN Creator Network - “On this commemoration, it becomes such a reminder for us to try on new opportunities and actualize them by creating some other related sub-businesses. Strengthened by data-based strategies, creativity in executing campaigns, and the ability to amplify every campaign’s final outputs, IDN Creator Network, on a larger scale, is expected to become a one-stop solution for influencer marketing.”

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