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Commemorating IDN Creative's 6th Anniv: ​​Having a Complete Business Ecosystem, Ready to Be a One-Stop Digital Agency

Amelia Rosary

8 Apr 21 | 11:00

Heading 2

IDN Media Jogja 1_edited.jpg

IDN Creative was first established six years ago today, April 8, 2021. Focusing on brand storytelling, content creation, and online activation, IDN Creative, on its sixth anniversary, wants to be a multi-platform digital agency, which not only focuses on generating creative ideas for brands and advertisers but also helps them during the execution process.

Being part of the IDN Media synergetic business universe, IDN Creative intends to help brands and advertisers design and execute relevant marketing strategies. Other than that, in order to precisely draw beads on the targeted audience, IDN Creative is committed to implementing an empirical data-driven strategy. Along with the process, IDN Creative ensures that the data and performance are regularly kept track of so that the output effectivity can be better monitored.

IDN Creative understands that different audience segments have their own unique behaviors. Therefore, comprehending and observing different audience preferences is one of the critical focal points IDN Creative should pay attention to. With the data obtained, IDN Creative strives to create a creative marketing strategy that is effective and precise. Thus, the campaign carried out will be more hyper-relevant, especially amid the uncertainties due to the outbreak.

Robaitur Rasyid, Head of IDN Creative - “Six years have passed. Reminiscing on our journey, we are so proud of what IDN Creative has achieved so far. In this sixth year, we want our marketing strategies to grant more fruitful insights for brands and advertisers. How do we actualize it? First, by understanding that over-generalization is no longer relevant, given the wide variety of audience segments. Therefore, each storytelling must be unique and tailor-made, bringing the target audience segment into line. Second, every decision must be made based on data so that everything is precise and goes along with the correct approach, audience, medium, and time. Supported by IDN Media synergetic business universe, IDN Creative wants to be a one-stop digital agency that manages to meet the needs of brands and advertisers, upstream to downstream."

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