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Commemorating IDN Times’ 7th Anniversary, #7agaSemangat Marks its Commitment to Democratizing Information

Amelia Rosary

8 Jun 21 | 11:00

Heading 2

IDN Media Jogja 1_edited.jpg

On June 8, 2021, IDN Times, a multi-platform digital news and entertainment media for Millennials and Gen Z in Indonesia, has just turned seven! To commemorate its seventh anniversary, IDN Times brings in #7agaSemangat as its theme. The theme is all about Timmy's optimism despite the challenges we face due to the outbreak.

#7agaSemangat is a reflection of every single little thing we’ve been through. We’ve been familiar with anxiety, uncertainty, and generally negative fall-out from COVID-19. It’s why coping up with these challenges requires steadfast faith and hope for a better future, things that allow us to see the silver lining behind every dark cloud. #7agaSemangat, then, marks IDN Times' commitment to democratizing information throughout the archipelago.

The commitment itself is closely related to the innovations that IDN Times has been implementing. IDN Times Community, for example, wants to keep on accommodating, inspiring the Millennial & Gen Z in Indonesia through text-based content, and publishing their selected works on IDN Times. It’s devoted to better accommodating and organizing the articles created and submitted by the community members all around Indonesia. Therefore, IDN Times Community encourages everyone to contribute actively in delivering relevant, accurate, and balanced information.

In line with it, IDN Times has also launched IDN Times Hyperlocal across 12 provinces in Indonesia, namely South Sulawesi, Central Java, Banten, Yogyakarta, South Sumatra, East Java, East Kalimantan, West Java, North Sumatra, Bandar Lampung, West Nusa Tenggara, and many more to come. With more than 51 million Monthly Active Users (MAU) across the nation, IDN Times is a business entity of its wordsㅡstriving to democratize information, from Aceh to Papua.

Uni Lubis, Editor in Chief IDN Times - “During the outbreak, social media platforms have been a key piece for the dissemination of information. After more than a year, COVID-19 continues to cast a shadow over all of our plans, but IDN Times strives to become a reliable source of news and entertainment for Millennials & Gen Z in Indonesia. #7agaSemangat is our determination marking our resilience, creativity, and quality to produce content that positively impacts the society.”

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