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IDN Pictures to Produce Its Latest Film: Inang

Amelia Rosary

1 Jul 21 | 08:00

Heading 2

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After successfully traversing through each phase of the first film, Balada Si Roy, IDN Pictures is now preparing to soon produce its latest film, Inang. To continue the halted step due to the outbreak, IDN Pictures keeps the limelight for the foreseeable future by working on its most recent big-screen project, one that is lush with cultural narratives and rituals in Java.


Directed by Fajar Nugros and produced by Susanti Dewi, Inang is written by Deo Mahameru. It tells the story of the unplanned pregnancy of a young woman who is stuck in a mysterious family intending to adopt her baby. Through its newest big-screen project, IDN Pictures is committed to giving its best in the production process of this thriller film.


Reportedly executing the production on this July 2021, the leading characters in Inang will be performed by Naysila Mirdad as Wulan and Dimas Anggara as Bergas. Naysilla's mother, Lydia Kandou, will also take on a role in the film as Eva, the will-be-foster parent of Wulan's child. There will also be Rukman Rosadi as Agus, Eva's husband, Rania Putrisari as Nita, Wulan's coworker and friend, Totos Rasiti as Hardiman, Pritt Timothy as Ki Ageng, the spiritual advisor of Eva’s family, and Emil Kusumo as Heru, Wulan's ex-boyfriend.


Winston Utomo, CEO IDN Media - “I am very excited to immediately start the production of Inang, the first thriller film by IDN Pictures. IDN Pictures intends to be a trajectory that contributes to the sustainability of the film industry in the country. The film is basically a potent blend of beliefs passed down from generation to generation and a modern perspective as well as lifestyle. Not only entertaining, Inang is also a film full of meaning and positive values for all Indonesians, especially Millennials & Gen Z.”


Fajar Nugros, Head of IDN Pictures & Director of Inang - “Inang will mark the consistency of IDN Pictures in the industry. The fact that most cultures in Indonesia are drenched in mystical things will be intertwined with the modern perspective of Millennial & Gen Z. These two polars have prompted IDN Pictures to work enthusiastically on the film. Hopefully, this film can be favorably welcomed and enjoyed by our community.”


Susanti Dewi, Head of IDN Pictures & Producer of Inang - “Inang shows our commitment to making stories that are relevant and relatable for Indonesians. Locality of culture and tradition becomes the axis of the story. Supported by IDN Media’s reputation as a media platform company for Millennials & Gen-Z, we are positive that this film will be an entertaining spectacle once it airs in theaters later."

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