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Spreading Kindness during PPKM, Yummy Held #1Resep1NasiBungkus

Amelia Rosary

5 Aug 21 | 06:00

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On 31 July and 2 August 2021, Yummy, the leading multi-platform digital media covering cooking tutorials, food, recipe, and culinary exploration in Indonesia, held the #1Resep1NasiBungkus program. The program regularly held by Yummy marked its consistency in giving #PositiveImpact to those in need, especially during this time of hardship. 

Yummy invited its users to donate through the program. Every single recipe uploaded was worth one box of food for one informal worker. This program helped Yummy express its empathy for people who still had to grapple with the current scenario to make ends meet, especially during the Implementation of Restrictions on Community Activities (Pemberlakuan Pembatasan Kegaitan Masyarakat/PPKM).

Collecting 500 recipes from its loyal users, Yummy donated 500 boxes of free food for 500 informal workers. The distribution took 2 days—July 31 and August 1, 2021. time, the distribution of food packages is carried out for 2 days, namely on July 31 and August 1, 2021. The distribution was done at some points in the Greater Jakarta areas, such as North Jakarta, East Jakarta, South Jakarta, Tangerang, and Depok.

The implementation of #1Resep1NasiBungkus program was assisted by Kitabisa and Inisiatif Zakat Indonesia. Both disbursed their assistance on anything related to food procurement and distribution. On this occasion, we'd like to thank our loyal users as well, especially those who had willingly participated in the program.

David Theo Oscar Kosakoy, Yummy's Lead Video Producer - "There's no resilience gene to help us deal with adversity. It's all on us. We believe that during this time of hardship, there is nothing more soothing than sharing. If we share, we let others know that we care. Little things matter, too. That's why sharing doesn't always have to be big. On the other hand, we're committed to giving empirical support for the positive effects of autonomous motivation on a wide range of sensitive behavior outcomes. It's done by uploading at least 1 recipe which is equivalent to 1 box of free food for 1 informal worker. Having managed to collect 500 recipes from the loyal users of Yummy, we also distribute 500 boxes of free food. Through this very small thing, we take critical steps to protect and lead ourselves."

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