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Amelia Rosary

8 Aug 18 | 16:50

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Jakarta, 8 August 2018 - is officially the #1 female media in Indonesia (comScore, June 2018). was launched on 14 February 2016 by IDN Media with the focus on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle for Millennials and Gen Z women in Indonesia.

Winston Utomo, Founder and CEO IDN Media, said, “2.5 years ago, we built with the vision to become the voice of Millennials and Gen Z women in Indonesia. We want to be every woman’s best friend and to bring positive impacts on the society. While we are still in progress to achieve those goals, I want to take this moment to thank you to our awesome team who makes this happen. This is a team effort and I could not have been more proud with the team that we currently have. Thank you as well to our loyal audience, clients, partners, and every single one of you who believed and supported us in our journey.”

"While this is something that we all should be proud of, we have to know that this is only the beginning, not a final destination. Becoming the #1 media company cannot be measured by how many audience we have, but should be measured by how much impacts it gives to others. It cannot be measured by how many articles our audience read, but how our articles inspire them to be better version of themselves. It is about how we, as a media company, can push things forward and bring positive impacts on the society.” crafts the latest trending and relevant content to its smart audience, ranging from pop-culture, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, to social, politics, career, and culture. strives to deliver high quality and worth-sharing content to its audience right where they are, utilizing its massive and interconnected multi-platform channels. believes in 7 pillars: gender equality, anti sexual harassment, anti bullying, anti stereotyping, unity in different races and ethnicities, unity in different religions, and redefining beauty.

Judithya Pitana, Editor-in-Chief, said, “We still have a long way to go. Many goals to achieve, people to reach, and dreams to catch. As of now, knowing what we do actually contributes positive impacts on our society makes us really proud and satisfied. We are delighted that we are doing something right for the next generation of women in Indonesia.”

Besides, loyal readers as well as celebrities such as Jovi Adhiguna and Ayla Dimitri also expressed their warm congratulations.

Ayla Dimitri, loyal reader of, said, “ is like my daily dose! I always find things important to read!!”

Jovi Adhiguna, loyal reader of, said, “I read because it is super informative. And I always check it out every day. Hahaha LUV.”

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