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MNC Pictures & IDN Pictures Held the Press Conference of Srimulat: Hil Yang Mustahal

Amelia Rosary

2 Feb 22 | 09:58

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MNC Pictures and IDN Pictures, two film companies in the country, held a press conference on December 6, 2021, for their strategic collaboration film, Srimulat: Hil Yang Mustahal. Srimulat is a pioneer of Indonesian performing arts that originated from traditional arts such as Keroncong and Ludruk. However, they eventually transformed into megastars in Indonesia in the 1980s and 1990s, with tens of millions of fans spread across various regions in Indonesia.

Cuk FK, a well-known Indonesian comedy film scriptwriter, invited Titan Hermawan, President Director of MNC Pictures, to remake Srimulat into a film titled Srimulat: Hil Yang Mustahal. They then asked Fajar Nugros, the Head of IDN Pictures who has also directed several films, to direct the films. The comedians of Srimulat began their career in the region and were only invited to perform on the national stage in 1981. They had to be able to convey their jokes in Indonesian, which seemed impossible for them at the moment.

Giving a fresh look to Srimulat: Hil Yang Mustahal, MNC Pictures, and IDN Pictures present young actors and actresses up to the senior ones. Here is the list of actors and actresses who will star in Srimulat: Hil Yang Mustahal:

  1. Bio One as Gepeng,

  2. Elang El-Gibran as Basuki,

  3. Dimas Anggara as Timbul,

  4. Ibnu Jamil as Tarzan,

  5. Rifnu Wikana as Asmuni,

  6. Erick Estrada as Tessy,

  7. Zulfa Maharani as Nunung,

  8. Morgan Oey as Paul,

  9. Rukman Rosadi as Teguh,

  10. Erica Carl as Jujuk,

  11. Indah Permatasari as Royani, 

  12. Naimma Aljufri as Ana, and

  13. Rano Karno as Babeh Makmur.

In addition to the names of actors and actresses mentioned above, Srimulat's jokes, which are still used today, have given rise to MNC Pictures and IDN Pictures' optimism for the success of Srimulat: Hil Yang Mustahal. The two film companies are determined to bring the spirit of nationalism into the film they are producing by making them a source of entertainment for all generations in Indonesia. Srimulat: Hil Yang Mustahal also emphasizes MNC Pictures and IDN Pictures' commitment to have a positive impact and inspire the society, particularly Millennials and Gen Z, in our beloved country.

Titan Hermawan, President Director of MNC Pictures: “Srimulat is a legendary group that has been a role model and source of inspiration for comedians of all generations, even today's. Millennials and Generation Z are familiar with the style of joke, but they don't know for sure who Srimulat is. The film Srimulat: Hil Yang Mustahal likewise aims to reintroduce the profile of Srimulat actresses and actors.”

Winston Utomo, CEO of IDN Media: “We hope that the new faces in Srimulat: Hil Yang Mustahal will be able to revive the legendary Srimulat characters while also inspiring and entertaining Indonesians, particularly Millennials and Gen Z across the country. With this comedy genre film presented by MNC Pictures and IDN Pictures, it's time for Indonesia to laugh again.”

Susanti Dewi, Head of IDN Pictures & Film Producer of Srimulat: “I can tell that the actors and actresses involved in the film's production are really enthusiastic about their roles. They did research and, in some cases, provided a video screen test online because they did not have time to go to Jakarta. They deserve appreciation for it. A desire to resurrect Indonesian values through a film reworking Srimulat, a legendary comedy group in Indonesia. Maintaining the nation's unity is not hil yang mustahal (an impossible thing).”

Fajar Nugros, Head of IDN Pictures & Film Director of Srimulat: “Srimulat bestowed laughter to Indonesia; we will revive this laughter in the form of a comedy genre film, reminding this great nation of why we used to unite to become Indonesia without losing our identity as a country consisting of many ethnic groups. It's time for Indonesia to laugh again!

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