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Introducing the Easiest Way to Cook for Millennials and Gen Z, Yummy App is Trending at Google Play Store

Amelia Rosary

8 Jul 19 | 16:42

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Yummy is officially launched Yummy App in Google Play Store and App Store today (8/7). Since the beta version launch a few weeks ago, Yummy App has been trending on Google Play Store. Data shows that this app has been downloaded almost 150.000 times (as per June 2019). Yummy as a food-focused media owned and operated by IDN Media has previously gained attention for their presence in social media (Facebook and Instagram) since 8 July 2016, with over 3.3 million followers.

Yummy App’s top features are designed to solve issues faced by Millennials and Gen Z who want to cook. Through Cook feature, users can easily pick recipe based on the available ingredients. This could save time on deciding the right menu to cook, both for themselves or for their family. Yummy App also provides Recipe Filters where users can find recipe based on the available budget, cooking time, or portion.

Not only for food recipe directory, but Yummy App also pays attention to ‘social’ features that make the app more appealing for Millennials and Gen Z. In the phase of beta launching, Yummy App also introduces features that enable users to be closer and more connected to each other. Through Upload Recipe feature, users can submit recipes of their food creations to Yummy App’s community page and earn Yummy Point that can be exchanged with cash. Then, users can use Follow Friend’s Account and Notification features while interacting with the Yummy Community.

Winston Utomo, Founder & CEO of IDN Media: “We are very excited with the launch of Yummy App, especially with the support of our loyal users during the beta version. We envision that Yummy App can help all Millennials and Gen Z in Indonesia to cook well, eat well, and live well.”

The development of Yummy App is aligned with Yummy’s official hashtag: #MasakituGampang (Cooking is Easy). Yummy believes that everyone can cook. If previously Yummy inspires its audience through signature cooking tutorial video in 5 easy steps, through Yummy App, users are encouraged to explore their creativity in cooking.

Yummy App is now available in Google Play Store and App Store.


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