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Knowledge, Fun, and Gift in One Package for Mamas and their Loved Ones

Amelia Rosary

11 Oct 19 | 17:00

Heading 2

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Popmama Parenting Academy 2019, a three-day event that is expected to give millennial parents the correct parental knowledge, has officially begun. At The Atrium, Summarecon Serpong, the event was opened by Sandra Ratnasari as the Editor-in-Chief of The event was continued by the dancing performance from Ciao Bimbi Pre-School and Day Care, Harapan Ibu, and Little Sprouts Kindergarten, then a coloring competition right after.

On the first day of Popmama Parenting Academy 2019, the audience could join various inspirational talk-shows and classes. The child and family psychologist, Vera Itibiliana, S.Psi., the founder of Mamanduy, Mahalinda Nappitupulu, and the entrepreneur mama, Vendryana, let us know more deeply about feeding a baby in "Tips dan Trik Memberikan MPASI pada Bayi Talk-Show".

Vera Itibiliana, S.Psi., Child and Family Psychologist - “MPASI is a process of learning, so it doesn’t have to be perfect in the first try. Mamas just need to relax because our excessive anxiety will most likely make our children unwilling to eat. By being calm, we’ll psychologically influence our children’s memory in a good way in terms of their first complementary feeding. No pressure!” 

Stop Bullying dan Body-Shaming di Kalangan Anak” was the second topic on the first day.  Recognizing the fact that there were many cases of bullying and body-shaming lately, we took up this theme so that more people would be aware of it. The founder of Single Moms Indonesia, Maureen Hitipeuw, mentioned that “uncommon” appearances, personalities, even disabilities were the triggers causing bullying. In order to avoid our kids from becoming the doers of bullying, we’d had better start it from our own selves as parents—the ones contributing the most to them.

Kantiana Taslim, M.Ps., Psi., Personal Growth Psychologist - “Our words, as parents, come up to be very strong for our children. Let’s say, when we tell them something discouraging, our kids will be unconfident about how they’ve come in. It means we indirectly show them one kind of bullying case.”

After having an MPASI cooking demo with Chef Nunu (the finalist of Master Chef), the third talk was about the things defining the success of IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation). One of our speakers on “Penentu Keberhasilan dan Kegagalan Program Bayi Tabung”, Louisse Scarlett who is an influencer, shared with us her experience of having the IVF right after she had known that there was a problem with her fallopian tubes at her 23. Here, dr. Tiara Kirana, Sp. And. informed us that the one which apparently mattered the most was our psychological state. Louisse experienced IVF for two times. Back then, having had her first kid already, she wasn’t under pressure on the second program anymore—she didn’t put too much burden on herself this time. Because of this factor, it significantly increased the number of her ovum and made the second IVF work well.

dr. Tiara Kirana, Sp. And., Andrologist - “A healthy lifestyle, which is supported by regular sports and nutritional food, is the key to the success of IVF. However, what should stand above all is happiness. When we’re happy, when we aren’t stressed out, everything will be way easier.” 

We don’t forget to mention that in Popmama Parenting Academy 2019, we have classes such as Oxytocin Massage, Couple Hypnobirthing, Potty Training, Massage for Baby, Junior Builder, Technic Builder, Bracelet Beads, Neonatal, and Prenatal Yoga. These classes are presented for all parents who want to know better about parental knowledge guided by the experts.

We'll still be here at The Forum Atrium, Summarecon Mall Serpong from 11-13 October 2019 to present you another insightful knowledge about parenting and, surely, nice gifts too. Free tickets are available at or Mamas and families can come right away to the spot. 

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