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The Third Day of Popmama Parenting Academy 2019: Parents' Role in Controlling the Children's Emotional Expression

Amelia Rosary

15 Oct 19 | 16:24

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On October 13, 2019, hundreds of millennial families still visited the last day of Popmama Parenting Academy 2019 which had been held since October 11, 2019, at Summarecon Mall Serpong. The opening was jazzed up by the dance performances from Palm Kindergarten Trees and Sunbright Preschool, as well as a drama performance from Al-Fath Kindergarten BSD. Right after it, there was a dance competition that turned out to invite the attention of many Summarecon Mall Serpong visitors.

On this last day, parents still had the opportunity to attend some classes and educational talk-shows about parenting. In the first talk-show session, Dessy Ilsanti M.Psi. as a family psychologist, Geraldo Oryza from the Community of Bapak Rangkul, and Namira Monda as a blogger and influencer shared their experiences about “Pentingnya Papa Mama Milenial Bonding dengan Anak”. Having various professions, millennial parents were required to be wiser in managing their time so that they could keep their life-balance still. Giving our kids gadgets as something representing our presence was not an option.  

Dessy Ilsanti M.Psi., Psikolog Keluarga - “Bonding moment between parents and children has been severally proven to be useful for our children's growth. By getting ourselves close to our kids, we can let them know how to control their anger, for example. We need to keep in mind that as time goes by, many millennial parents often merely give gadgets to their children so that they won't be cranky. Basically, we all have 5 senses that need to be developed. One of them is the motor nerve and, of course, excessive use of gadgets will not optimally stimulate it."

After Maisha Kanna's performance, the next talk-show entitled "Mama Anti Panik" was handled by dr. Mery Sulastri, Antik Arifani as a parental content creator, and Monica Sulistiawati as a personal growth psychologist. We'd be a "mother hen" for worrying too much when our children were sick. However, communicating with our husband about the anxiety that Mama felt turned out to be an excellent way to calm ourselves down. Monica stated one breathing technique which could reduce the feelings of anxiety, "6-2-7 breathing technique means that we should inhale for 6 seconds, hold it for 2 seconds, and exhale for 7 seconds." 

dr. Mery Sulastri, Health Practitioner - "When our kids are sick, they often become grumpy. At that very moment, we've got to give them an example of how to control our emotions well by embracing the anger or the state of being uncomfortable itself. We must give examples of how to properly control emotions caused by, for example, their being unable to breathe properly due to their runny nose.  There is nothing wrong with emotions, but letting them know how to express those emotions is our job as parents. Don't forget that children will just simply imitate what parents do. "

After the performances of Popmama Little Stars, dr. Cepi Teguh, SpOG. and Cherly Juno as a singer and mompreneur explained to us in a more detailed way about "Memahami Perkembangan Janin yang Sehat". Iron, folic acid, vitamin C, and calcium were the main nutritional contents that must be consumed by pregnant Mamas.  Smoking was mentioned to be something that must be strictly avoided for both Papas and Mamas. 

dr. Cepi Teguh, SpOG., Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist of Evasari Awal Bros Hospital - "Mental preparation before the birth date is also significant.  Each of us needs to remember that we're handled by the experts of the realm, so there is nothing to worry about.  All details related to Mama's labor have been monitored perfectly by the doctors. There's nothing to be afraid of. If you have any anxiety on your mind before giving birth, do not forget to consult it with your doctor when you do a monthly-check."

Another highlight on the final day of Popmama Parenting Academy 2019 was the Popmama Little Star which presented 10 talented finalists who had already been selected through a competition on Instagram. The talents included dancing, singing, storytelling, etc. Not only entertaining, this competition was also a valuable opportunity for children to develop their talent and confidence.

Today was the last day of Popmama Parenting Academy 2019 by  With this event, we do hope that all millennial parents who have come to the event can gain a lot of new knowledge related to the preparation of the baby's coming or their growth stages. Always be the best parents we can be and see you at Popmama Parenting Academy 2020!

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