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Indonesia Millennial Summit 2020: 2nd Line-Up for the Speakers, We are Shaping Indonesia’s Future

Amelia Rosary

28 Nov 19 | 11:41

Heading 2

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It's 50 days closer to one of IDN Media’s annual biggest events: Indonesia Millennial Summit 2020 that will take place at The Tribrata on January 17-18 January 2020. After the first line of the speakers some time ago, we were astonished by the second one! Who will be on the second line? Keep calm, smart millennials, we'll find out very soon below.

For the first topic, we're going to have a "Visionary Leaders" topic which will discuss not only the collaboration between the public and private sectors but also about the paths they have undergone to reach this very stage of experience. With the coming of I Gusti Ngurah Putra (the President Director of Waskita Karya), Hemani Bakshi (the Presiden Director of Unilever Indonesia), and Juan Jose Guemes (the Chairman of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center, IE Business School), we'll be learning about how to be persistent to embrace and try to tackle any economic, social, and environmental issues that we face.

On the second topic, Gina S. Noer (a Director, Producer, and Script Writer), Sri Widowati (the Growth and Digital Transformation Director of PT Unilever Indonesia), Anandita Makes Adoe (the CFO of Plataran Indonesia), Lizzie Parra (the Founder of BLP Beauty), and many other speakers will have the stage of Indonesian Millennial Summit 2020 on "Future is Female". It's a platform for women to voice out whatever they have in mind, whatever it is. We don't live in an era in which women's opinions are unheard and unseen any longer.

On the third one, "Talent Trifecta", we'll have Muklay (a Visual Artist), Ryo Wicaksono (an Announcer and Podcaster), Sayed Muhammad (the Founder and CEO of USS Networks), Andrey Banyudoyo (the Creator of @tempatbercakap), Defia Rosmaniar (the Taekwondo Gold Medalist on Asian Games 2018), Marchella F. P. (the Author of Generasi 90an and Nanti Kita Cerita Tentang Hari Ini), and several more! This topic is to emphasize the notion that millennials now are resiliently striving to gain not only competence but also commitment and contribution. 

Last but not least, "Hijrah" in Indonesia Millennial Summit 2020, will drive us to some brilliant perspectives about the most crucial issue in our beloved country, Indonesia. The first speaker is Zulkieflimansyah (the Governor of NTB), the next one is Alfatih Timur (the CEO of, and drg. Imam Rulyawan, MARS (the Executive Director of Dompet Dhuafa). Hijrah is meant to awaken the significance of a religious moderation in many Indonesians' mindsets. We're actually capable of reciting our own faiths without feeling that we are in irresolvable contradiction with others because we're basically living in Indonesia, a multicolored country, indeed.


More information about Indonesia Millennial Summit 2020 is available on the Instagram account @indonesia.millennial.summit and to register, kindly click

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