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The Film "Guru-Guru Gokil": Written by Dian Sastrowardoyo, for Honorary Teachers in Indonesia

Amelia Rosary

5 Feb 20 | 09:22

Heading 2

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Successfully becoming the Executive Producer of a film that aired last January 2020, IDN Media now again is the Executive Producer of the film "Guru-Guru Gokil". Believing that film is one of the effective means of influencing society, IDN Media is certain that "Guru-Guru Gokil" will be able to help express the point of view of honorary teachers in Indonesia. 

With light flow and fun jokes all along the story, “Guru-Guru Gokil” tells the life of Taat (Gading Marten) who always considers that success is only defined by how much money that one gets. However, when the situation pulls him to work as a teacher so that he can fulfill his life needs, a touching incident happens to him and his colleagues. This fact encourages him to help them pass through the crisis together. 

With their struggle together, a strong friendship finally emerges between them.  This, then, has made Taat realize that success actually has much a deeper meaning than just the amount of money he earns. "Guru-Guru Gokil", in essence, intends to let us know what really happens in the lives of many honorary teachers in Indonesia and that they deserve sufficient welfare as well. 

Played by notable actors and actresses, such as Gading Marten as Taat Pribadi, Boris Bokir as Nelson Manulang, Kevin Ardilova as Ipang, Ibnu Jamil as Gagah, Dian Sastrowardoyo as Nirmala, Asri Welas as Indah, and many others, this film entitled “Guru-Guru Gokil” will be on screen on April 2020. More information can be accessed on the official Instagram account of “Guru-Guru Gokil”

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