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IDN Media Officially Launched IDN Programmatic OOH

Amelia Rosary

24 Jun 20 | 07:00

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IDN Media Jogja 1_edited.jpg

IDN Media officially launched IDN Programmatic Out-of-Home (IDN POOH) today, 24 June 2020. IDN POOH is an internet out-of-home media platform using patented proprietary technology to deliver out-of-home advertising effectively and in real-time. 

IDN POOH aims to provide solutions to the limitations of traditional out-of-home advertising, such as high prices per installation, limited exposure, unavailability of the ads performance report, inflexible placement duration, illegal position, and inflexible content management.

IDN POOH offers multiple formats of advertising output that can be adjusted to customers’ needs. For the first phase, IDN POOH will focus on a mobile internet-connected LED screen format on top of a car.

Winston Utomo, Founder and CEO of IDN Media - “We are very excited with the launch of IDN Programmatic OOH. With technology at its core, IDN POOH is able to optimize out-of-home advertising and measure its effectiveness online and in real-time. We truly believe that IDN POOH will be a game-changer in the out-of-home advertising industry.

In addition to providing innovation in out-of-home advertising, IDN POOH has the vision to contribute to the development of smart cities. Data collected from IDN POOH can be a fundamental source of information for the local governments in developing their cities.”


Alfian Lumanto, Head of IDN Programmatic OOH - “IDN POOH is a breakthrough innovation in the out-of-home advertising industry. We have been working on this technology for years. Not only advertisers can change and optimize their advertising in real-time, but they are also able to monitor and track the performance of their campaigns in an advanced online dashboard. We are looking forward to working with advertisers to achieve their marketing goals with IDN POOH.”

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