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Winning 3 Awards, IDN Media Commits to Giving More Positive Impacts for Indonesia

Amelia Rosary

15 Sep 20 | 16:48

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IDN Media Jogja 1_edited.jpg

Winning 3 awards from the Asia Digital Media Awards 2020, IDN Media has boasted the name of the nation into the Asian scene. This award organized by WAN-IFRA (World Association of News Publishers) is to give recognition to media companies that have successfully produced great works and shared positive impacts on the society through digital media projects.

The first award goes to IDN Times, in the category of Best in Audience Engagement. One of the ways our news portal can contribute to the society is by creating IDN Times Community, a forum for our readers to write. It strives not only to advance Indonesians’ literacy skills but also to provide a platform for them to voice their aspirations. These ultimately have yielded encouraging results. 

Yummy App, too, has won the award for the Best in Lifestyle, Sports, Entertainment Website or Mobile Services category. In the last 6 months, Yummy App has grown rapidly and become the cooking app of choice for Indonesians. With its state-of-the-art technology, users can utilize various features in the app, all based on their personal preferences and needs. In advance, Yummy App also encourages its users to explore their cooking creations by creating food recipes. Expectedly, Indonesians, especially Millennials and Gen Z can always preserve and disseminate their favorite recipes through Yummy App.

Yummy X Indomilk: #ResepGakAbisAbis campaign has also won in the Best Native Advertising/Branded Content Campaign category. Yummy previously collaborated with a prominent Indonesian brand, Indomilk, to produce a video tutorial on cooking beef rendang, using Indomilk sweetened condensed milk as one of the ingredients. With a recipe competition as part of the 360-marketing campaign, Yummy X Indomilk: #ResepGakAbisAbis aimed to increase the audience's awareness of various recipe creations using sweetened condensed Indomilk.

Winston Utomo, Founder and CEO of IDN Media: “Thank you to WAN-IFRA for granting us 3 awards at once. We are beyond grateful. Every single thing we’ve achieved is inseparable from the hard work, creativity, and dedication of all Timmys at IDN Media. They have always strived to provide the best for all audiences and partners. At IDN Media, we are committed to giving positive contributions and democratizing information for all Indonesians.”

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