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Easing People’s Cooking Blues, Yummy App Wins WAN-IFRA Award

Amelia Rosary

16 Sep 20 | 16:00

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IDN Media Jogja 1_edited.jpg

[removed]Yummy App, an online cooking platform initiated by IDN Media, wins an award from Asian Digital Media Awards 2020 in the category of Best in Lifestyle, Sport, Entertainment Website or Mobile Services. This award is held annually by WAN-IFRA (World Association of News Publishers).


From 2016 to mid-2019, Yummy was present on Facebook and Instagram. Once providing five easy steps to cook, Yummy recorded a significant increase in the number of its users. Due to the lack of video features on Facebook and Instagram, Yummy’s audience is not able to cope up with the cooking tutorials completely. 

After honing the team’s ingeniousness in order to create a better experience for the audience, Yummy officially launched its app in July 2019. Enhanced with video navigation and recommended recipe features, Yummy App also provides a category filter feature which helps the users adjust ingredients, price, portion, and cooking duration to their own preference. 

Other than making it easier for the users to operate the app, Yummy App also encourages its users to boost their creativity by creating their personalized recipes through the Upload Recipe feature, a feature that enables the users to upload their own recipes. If it is curated, each user will receive 100 Yummy Points which equals Rp10.000 for one single published recipe. Yummy’s real contribution to its users surely shores up IDN Media’s main vision, namely to give #PositiveImpact.

Muhamad Iqbal Zehan, Product Manager, Yummy App: “This award is a tribute for all Timmys at IDN Media who have been participating to keep on developing Yummy App. It shows how good our great collaboration has been. It may not be smooth, but we all go towards the same goal. Let’s always be solutive and innovative, so we can create other inspiring products together. Kudos!”

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