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Popmama Parenting Academy 2020 to Run as Virtual Event: Parental Challenges in the Age of Tech

Amelia Rosary

25 Sep 20 | 20:00

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As Coronavirus keeps on taking a toll on just any offline events, is now set to virtually run its annual event, Popmama Parenting Academy (POPAC). Held on 28 September-3 October 2020 via its official website, Zoom, and WhatsApp, this event is dedicated to all millennial parents in Indonesia. 

For parents, there are, indeed, some controversial challenges to using technology. However, in order to cope with measures to keep the population safe from the Coronavirus outbreak, technology has been inevitably integrated into many aspects of daily life: from working (parents) to studying (children). 

Based on a survey conducted by last June, almost 80% of mothers are not even ready for the New Normal period. This encourages Popmama Parenting Academy (POPAC) 2020 to provide a space for millennial parents to learn and share knowledge about the challenges they face. Not limited to technology, there will also be a lot of talk shows and workshops that discuss issues related to health, mental health, and finance.

This year, Popmama Parenting Academy teams up with one of the largest e-commerce platforms in Indonesia, Tokopedia, as its official e-commerce partner. The collaboration is intended to provide a shopping experience with many special deals for all the participants during the event. 

Sandra Ratnasari, Chief Editor of -Popmama Parenting Academy (POPAC) 2020 allows millennial families to learn a lot about parental knowledge, so they can strive to be the best parents for their children. The virtual sessions held at Popmama Parenting Academy (POPAC) 2020 are expected to help millennial families carry out their role as parents. The topics are very up-to-date in the hope that the participants can find the answers to all their questions in raising their children.”

Get the latest information about Popmama Parenting Academy (POPAC) 2020 on Popmama Parenting Academy’s official Instagram account and website!

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