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Popmama Parenting Academy 2020, Millennial Families to Meet the Future

Amelia Rosary

27 Sep 20 | 10:00

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Popmama Parenting Academy (POPAC) 2020, the annual event held by, was officially begun on 28 September 2020. Lasting for 6 days, the event was held virtually on Popmama Parenting Academy’s official website, Zoom, and Whatsapp. Bringing up "Nurturing the Future-Ready Family" as its main theme, teamed up with Tokopedia, one of the largest e-commerce platforms in Indonesia, as its official e-commerce partner.

Winston Utomo, Founder dan CEO IDN Media, opened up the Popmama Parenting Academy (POPAC) 2020 with Tokopedia. He stated, “The pandemic has taken the world by storm. It’s such a high level of forced adaptation: parents are stumbled across their children’s’ need to do e-learning. Based on a recent survey conducted by, 80% of parents are caught unready to face whatever’s coming during and after the outbreak. This encourages to provide a platform for millennial parents to learn, gain new knowledge from the experts regarding mental health, health, financial.”

Responding to Winston, Sandra Ratnasari, the Editor-in-Chief of, added,  “Since last March 2020, we’re urged to be more aware of hi-tech. It’s why we take up the theme of ‘Nurturing the Future-Ready Family’. With 40 experts invited, the learning session becomes the most-highlighted point of this event. However, we also provide an entertaining session and an interesting shopping experience with Tokopedia offering a lot of best deals. It’s all about smart shopping: a key part of money and priority management.”

Having the same vision and mission with Popmama Parenting Academy (POPAC) 2020, Rizki Widyastuti, the Strategic Initiatives Senior Lead (Mom Baby & Home Living Category) of Tokopedia, said, “Not only creating the best shopping experience offering varied products with only one price, which is IDR99.000, but giving the best service is also what we actually want to do. One of the ways to actualize it is by educating them, so teaming up with Popmama Parenting Academy (POPAC) 2020, we believe that we can get the best of both worlds.”

Held until 3 October 2020, Popmama Parenting Academy (POPAC) 2020 with Tokopedia would be committed to providing various kinds of knowledge related to parenting as well as giving exclusive deals with wonderful discounts and guaranteed quality. Get the latest information about Popmama Parenting Academy (POPAC) 2020 through the official Popmama Parenting Academy Instagram account and the website!

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