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IDN Times Now Allows You to Write via Smartphone

Amelia Rosary

23 Oct 17 | 14:00

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As there is a drastic upsurge of mobile phone penetration in Indonesia, IDN Times launches the latest breakthrough; IDN Times Community is now featured on IDN Times mobile app. This addition will allow IDN Times users - especially the writers who have joined IDN Times Community - to write directly from their smartphones.

IDN Times Community is a writing platform based on user-generated content that gives financial incentives to its writers. Now, IDN Times Community is available on website and IDN Times mobile app (

Facilitating Community Writers' increasing aspiration to write on a daily basis.

As of today, there are more than thirty-seven thousand writers who are registered to IDN Times Community. With the rapid progress, IDN Times wants to facilitate Community Writers' increasing aspiration to write by providing an accessible writing platform.

"Many Indonesian millennials are passionate in writing. However, they do not own a computer or laptop. This mobile app allows them to write directly from their smartphones; thus, their articles are available to be read by millions of people easily," said Winston Utomo, CEO and Editor-in-Chief at IDN Media.

"Beside, IDN Times Community is not just a writing platform. It can help to develop our nation's economy by opening jobs to people across the country, especially those in rural areas where there are not many opportunities to work in the creative industry. This platform will open the door for millions of millennials to turn their writing hobby into a professional career," said Winston about IDN Times Community vision.

Writing for IDN Times Community is easier and more fun because of its interactive features.

In order to improve the user experience, the writing feature available on the newest version of IDN Times mobile app is offered in an interactive way. According to Ernia Karina, Community Manager at IDN Times, "This is a good news for all Community Writers. By using IDN Times mobile app, they can do everything from checking their articles’ status, reviewing the latest rank, to redeeming points. Such convenience can be a stimulus for all Community Writers to pour their creativity through IDN Times Community."

The latest version of IDN Times mobile app is now available on android-based smartphones. All loyal IDN Times readers and Community Writers can download it on Google Playstore.

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