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To Support Women amid the Pandemic, PONY Will Join BeautyFest Asia 2020 X Shopee

Amelia Rosary

16 Oct 20 | 11:00

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BeautyFest Asia is the largest beauty festival and exhibition in Southeast Asia connecting notable beauty experts, creators, brands, and beauty enthusiasts. Initiated by, the festival will go virtual to revitalize its main theme this year, Future is Female: In This Together, on 6-8 November 2020. The festival also teams up with one of the largest e-commerce platforms in Indonesia, Shopee, as its official e-commerce partner.

Park Hye Min, better known as PONY (@ponysmakeup), will serve as the special guest star at BeautyFest Asia 2020 X Shopee, also some Indonesian public figures, such as Raisa AndrianaRossa, Andien AisyahPatricia Gunawan, Cathy SharonTiti KamalRinni Wulandari, and Bunga Zainal, who will attend to enliven the event as guest speakers.

More than just a beauty bazaar and meet and greet, the three-day festival will also present various talk shows and workshops. The festival is dedicated to all Indonesian women who have been emotionally, economically, and socially eroded by the hardships that the COVID-19 outbreak has caused in the hope that the audience can find strength by supporting each other while developing new skills and competencies.

BeautyFest Asia 2020 X Shopee will also introduce a new feature called Virtual Try-On, an Augmented Reality-based feature that renders digital images or data onto real-world objects, which will allow the audience to virtually try various beauty products before making a purchase.

To get the latest information about BeautyFest Asia 2020 X Shopee, please stay tuned to BeautyFest Asia’s official Instagram or official website

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