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1000 Book Donation Program for IDN Foundation’s Reading Corner

Amelia Rosary

23 Oct 20 | 11:00

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IDN Media, through IDN Foundation, establishes a reading corner for children-in-need, those under the auspice of Sanggar Belajar Orang Pinggiran (SBOP) community that is located in Desa Sepatan, Cilincing, North Jakarta. This reading corner is then named: Saung Baca IDN Foundation.

Understanding the fact that the education system in Indonesia is facing an unprecedented jolt from the COVID-19 pandemic, this reading corner is aimed to give another alternative for children who have difficulties accessing virtual learning. Despite being carried out offline, the activities at Saung Baca IDN Foundation are implemented with very strict adherence to health protocols so that the children in Desa Sepatan can enjoy their activities safely and enthusiastically.

Building up Saung Baca IDN Foundation to actualize its mission to support the core element of national development, IDN Foundation collaborates with Indorelawan. With this reading corner, the children are expected to value reading more and so they're willing to practice their literacy skills at the same time. Later on, the learning activities are to be guided by the SBOP, a community consisting of volunteers and those who have good intentions to empathize, so the children will still be productive even during the quarantine.

Along with the physical construction of Saung Baca IDN Foundation, the program of 1000 book donations will be executed in parallel. Thus, IDN Foundation now invites the public, especially millennials and gen z to participate in donating books worth reading, such as literary novels, self-development books, pictorial encyclopedias, textbooks, practice books, tales books, and dictionaries.

Should you want to donate, send your books to VOLUNTEER HUB JAKARTA, Jalan Panglima Polim V Nomor 60, Melawai, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan, and/or call +628119777140

Zefanya Deby, Head of Communications IDN Media: “The education sector that is also hardly struck by the outbreak has become one of the IDN Foundation's main concerns because online learning, indeed, presents new challenges, particularly with uneven access to technology and inadequate online teaching methods. Therefore, in times of uncertainty, we believe that education is something basic that surely must run sustainably. With this reading corner and the 1000 book donation program, we hope the education process will go on as always, especially for the people that still find online learning as something similar to a challenge."

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