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The Renowned Balada Si Roy Book to be Adopted into IDN Pictures’ Premiere

Amelia Rosary

3 Nov 20 | 07:00

Heading 2

IDN Media Jogja 1_edited.jpg

After officially associating with IDN Media since last May 2020, IDN Pictures now is getting ready for its first upcoming movie in 2021. To continue the halted step of the Indonesian film industry due to the outbreak, a renowned book sequel published during the 80s-90s by Gol A Gong, entitled Balada Si Roy, is selected as IDN Pictures’ first big-screen project. The script is now ready and set to go on to the pre-production stage. 

Directed by Fajar Nugros, produced by Susanti Dewi, and written by Salman Aristo, the film mostly tells us about the main character’s adventure, a teenage idol called Roy. Creating rich ambiance by involving romance, friendship, conflict, and sacrifice in the story, IDN Pictures' optimism about the great numbers of viewers it will get is driven up. Adapted from a book that has sold 300,000 copies, IDN Pictures is committed to giving the best out of it to make the film favorably welcomed by the society. 

Executed amid the pandemic that has wreaked havoc, IDN Pictures' initiative to create and soon launch its premiere movie is, indeed, undoubtedly bold. The positive response and support of many Indonesians towards the national film industry have emboldened IDN Pictures' positivity to work on its first project. “We believe that there will always be a rainbow after the rain. People's fondness of films, especially the Indonesian ones, is irreplaceable, no matter what the mediums are,” said Fajar and Susanti.

Winston Utomo, Founder and CEO of IDN Media - “We are beyond excited and enthusiastic about IDN Pictures' premiere, Balada Si Roy. With the storylines, characters, and values in the film, we not only aim to support the Indonesian film industry but also to give inspiration and deliver positive messages to the society, especially to the Millennials and Gen Z. We hope the society will gladly welcome this initial step of IDN Pictures.”

Fajar Nugros, Head of IDN Pictures - “The Balada Si Roy film will mark the beginning of IDN Pictures' journey in the film industry.  The fondness of the readers is what will be vividly set to big-screen. Therefore, they can celebrate the ups and downs of the characters through a different medium.”

Susanti Dewi, Head of IDN Pictures - “Supported by IDN Media as a media-tech company and a one-stop content platform for the younger generations, this premiere film will be the very first step of IDN Pictures to go on producing quality works, especially for the rising of film generations, Millennials and Gen Z. The youthful spirit they have is what sparks and motivates IDN Pictures to launch its first film in 2021.”

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