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BeautyFest Asia 2020 X Shopee Begins: Inspiring and Entertaining Activities that Beauty Enthusiasts Shouldn’t Miss

Amelia Rosary

6 Nov 20 | 22:00

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BeautyFest Asia 2020 officially begins. Teaming up with Shopee as its official e-commerce partner, the biggest beauty festival in Southeast Asia presented by brings up "Future is Female: In This Together" as its theme. On the first day, BeautyFest Asia 2020 X Shopee was opened by Winston Utomo, the Founder and CEO of IDN Media; William Utomo, the Founder and COO of IDN Media; and Judithya Pitana, the Editor-in-Chief of

The pandemic is causing such catastrophic complexities in our lives. Having been aware of this, Winston stated, “This year has been so tough, indeed, but after considering a lot of things, we’re sure that BeautyFest Asia 2020 should still be held anyway. Aiming to empower women, 'Future is Female: In This Together' is delivered by various inspirational figures, such as Rossa, Andien, Raisa, and PONY. We want to convince our audience that we will definitely manage to survive, tackle down all these obstacles."

William added, “As we’ve observed, there are at least 3 stakeholders we prioritize: beauty enthusiasts, creators, and brands. Beauty enthusiasts should connect with brands to get to know certain products that may come with cut-price bids. On the other hand, brands just want to sell more and attract high-value customers―it’s why we excitedly collaborate with Shopee. In addition, as beauty enthusiasts also want to get knowledge from beauty creators, while beauty creators need fans, they’re directly related and become inseparable entities."

Closing the opening session, Judith reiterated, “As an initiative to support and empower women during this time of hardship,, supported by BeautyFest Asia 2020 X Shopee, wants to provide a space where the beauty enthusiasts can freely gain new knowledge through various talk shows and workshops, despite having to stand strong against this pandemic fray."

Have yourself enjoy BeautyFest Asia 2020 X Shopee through BeautyFest Asia’s official Instagram BeautyFest Asia 2020, website, or Shopee LIVE on

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