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IDN Media Presents Indonesia Memasak by Yummy, William Wongso to Kevindra Soemantri Liven Up the Event

Amelia Rosary

20 Nov 20 | 15:00

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Held virtually on 1-31 December 2020, Indonesia Memasak by Yummy, a signature online cooking event by Yummy, will present various online cooking classes, talk shows, F&B workshops, entertainment, and online bazaars. With “Jelajah Masakan Nusantara” as its theme, Indonesia Memasak by Yummy also invites several well-known and influential people in food.

William Wongso, a legendary Indonesian chef known for his success in boasting various Indonesian dishes to the international scene, will be invited to Indonesia Memasak by Yummy. Several culinary entrepreneurs will also be there, such as Max Mandias, the Co-Founder and Executive Chef of Burgreens; Mandif Warokka, the Owner and Executive Chef of Teatro Gastroteque Bali; and Ade Putri, a Culinary Storyteller and the Co-Founder of Beergembira.

Other than those names mentioned above, Natasha Halim or Caca, one of Chubby Traveler’s Culinary Content Creators will also participate in the event. Later on, she will be accompanied by Kevindra Soemantri, an Experienced Culinary Writer who first started his career as the youngest finalist in the first season of MasterChef Indonesia back in 2011.

Chef Martin Praja, the host of "Masak-Masak" TV program being popular for his various signature culinary creations, is going to let us know the secret of making soft and fluffy Martabak Makblarr. Not only Chef Martin Praja, Chef Venithya Calista, as well as Chef Ibra, are also going to explore their creativity in cooking Cumi Cabai Garam and Telur Dadar Kriting.

Winston Utomo, CEO of IDN Media - “The richness of Indonesian culinary delights becomes our main inspiration to initiate Indonesia Memasak by Yummy. Conducted virtually for one whole month, we want this event to be enjoyed by all Indonesians, from Aceh to Papua. We hope that this event can be an inspiration and a platform to preserve the extraordinary culinary delights of the archipelago.” 

Stay tuned for the latest information about the Indonesia Memasak by Yummy on the official Instagram accounts of @indonesiamemasakbyyummy and @yummy.idn, or on Yummy App!

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