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Business Development Team of Yummy: Our Clients (Re: Collaborators) Would Need a Companion

2 Dec 19 | 15:31

Amelia Rosary

Business Development Team of Yummy: Our Clients (Re: Collaborators) Would Need a Companion

Was it easy to create collaborators (not clients) for IDN Media even though we all understood that it was a startup media company?


Yeah, quite hard, but Adi Renaldi and Dhevy Aryani as the Business Development of Yummy took the bright side of this challenge. "Yummy is quite a new platform in IDN Media, but it enables us to dig many potential opportunities as much as possible because we have enough land to plant," Adi said. Not an easy task, but with the strength we got, we held the power.


Huh? What strength? 


Of course, Millennials and Gen Z. A lot of them could simply order online meals—it wasn't a wrong decision, but Dhevy said, "Buying is buying, you'll never know what the real ingredients are. Cooking is cooking, you yourself will select each composition that you use to make a bowl of asparagus, for example. We'll creatively invent some easy and simple recipes that Millennials can try anywhere, at any time because we have a feature called ‘Memasak’: even if we just get broccolis and sausages in the refrigerator, let's say, we can just input these two on our application and find out some probable recipes we can make. Another feature is ‘Filter Recipe’ that will allow us to find a recipe based on our budget, portion, and even cook duration." Plus, seen from a broader view, Yummy could help Millennials save money and be creative at the same time. 


Uh, wait! We previously gave parentheses in the title, anyway. Why should we mention our clients with something like collaborators?


Adi answered, "Similar to the saying: 'It takes two to tango', selling doesn't involve just one side, it's two sides. Well, we don't sell actually, but we help them find a solution to the challenge they have. In brief, we accommodate."


To sum up, collaborators would always be the core of our company and we would never need to run after them to ask for a confirmation of a certain contract. They'd keep coming right back to us once they knew that we understood them and wanted to be an assistance for them.

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