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Life At IDN

Life at Logo IDN Media

The secret ingredient that makes IDN Media a great place to work is the people. You will meet so many Timmys in IDN Media who are equally obsessed and passionate with you in what they are doing. You will be surrounded by extremely smart, friendly, and awesome people who will help you whenever you need them and push you to the next level.

In IDN Media, we do cool things that contribute to the future of Indonesia. We want to bring change and to shape the future of the society.

IDN Team IDN Team
Team IDN

Perks and Benefits Working at Logo IDN Media

  • "Just be yourself" culture (you are the best version of yourself)
  • An opportunity to grow personally and professionally (we want you to become a better person each and every single day)
  • Horizontal career growth (you can move teams after 1 year)
  • Free lunch and drinks (yes, including freshly-brewed espresso)
  • Performance-driven culture (no seniority culture)
  • Super fun, warm, and brilliant teammates (the best people in life)
  • Open culture (no unnecessary hierarchy)
  • "Wear Anything" dress code policy -- we won’t judge ;)
  • More importantly, an opportunity to democratize access to accurate, balanced, useful, and positive information and ultimately, to become the voice of Millennials and Gen Z in Indonesia and to bring positive impacts on the society.
Our perks and benefits are specially designed to keep you happy and healthy (physically, emotionally, and financially). We want to take care of you and make sure that you can focus and enjoy what you are doing here. Ultimately, we want you to become a better person by working at IDN Media.

IDN Team IDN Team
Team IDN
We Are Hiring

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Our hiring process is interesting, challenging, and fun at the same time. The path to getting hired involves a resume/portfolio filtering, a phone interview with a recruiter, a short-answer questionnaire, and several onsite interviews at one of our Creative Labs. We will not ask typical questions, as we have secret questions to figure out whether or not they are the right candidate. We are looking for people who are good for IDN Media, not just for short-term, but for the long-run.

Five important factors that are crucial to getting hired at IDN Media are leadership, role-related knowledge, problem solving skill, execution, and the most important factor, Timmyness. We look for people who are great at lots of things, love to solve big challenges, and welcome big changes with excitement. We want people who are passionate and obsessed in what they are doing. We want people who can work well in a team and put the team’s interest above theirs. In the end, we want to be able to work and to hang out with them at the same time.

Position Location
Account Manager South Jakarta View
Business Development Manager South Jakarta View
Sales Admin South Jakarta View
Digital Strategy Associate IDN Creative Kota Jakarta Barat View
Video & Photographer Journalist, IDN Times Surabaya View
Community Editor, IDN Times Surabaya View
Health Editor, IDN Times (Jkt / Sby) South Jakarta View
Procurement Manager South Jakarta View
QA Engineer Surabaya View
Business Industry Researcher South Jakarta View
Reporter IDN Times NTB Central Lombok View
Reporter IDN Times Lampung Bandar Lampung View
Product Marketing Yummy Surabaya View
Reporter IDN Times Kaltim Samarinda View
Reporter IDN Times Jateng Semarang View
Regional Editor IDN Times Lampung Bandar Lampung View
Regional Editor IDN Times NTB Central Lombok View
KOL / Creator Development Associate South Jakarta View
Digital Strategy Associate, IDN Creator Network South Jakarta View
Head of Corporate Strategy South Jakarta View
Product Manager South Jakarta View
Reporter IDN Times Sulsel Makassar View
Accountant Kota Surabaya View
Reporter IDN Times DIY Yogyakarta View
SEO Associate Kota Jakarta Barat View
Front end Engineer Surabaya View
Android Software Engineer Surabaya View
iOS Software Engineer Kota Surabaya View