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Google Indonesia Visited IDN Media HQ: Why Would We Need Year in Search 2019?

13 Dec 19 | 17:29

Amelia Rosary

Google Indonesia Visited IDN Media HQ: Why Would We Need Year in Search 2019?

Yesterday, 12 December 2019, we got another cool guest and guess who she was? Feliciana Wienathan as the Communications Manager of Google Indonesia. What was she about to share and what was the importance? 

Since her coming was in the last month of the year, she apparently talked about “Google Year in Search 2019”—it presented not only all about the most popular trends from the past 12 months but also insights about the big events in the most recent news, politics, sports, and entertainment. 

“Anybody can guess what the trending topics in 2019 are? Well, we have categories, such as 'what is it', 'how is it', films, national figures who've just passed away, songs, most famous explorations, national occurrences, recipes, and figures. Come on, mention at least three," she kept encouraging us to answer.

The terminology bucin sat on the first position of the 'what is it' category; healthy lifestyle on 'how is it'; Joker on films, BJ Habibie on national figures who just passed away; Kemarin by Seventeen on songs; Cinta Luar Biasa on most famous explorations, Audrey on national occurrences, Pisang Nugget on recipes, and Nadiem Makarim on figures. 

These didn't mean to have no significance, really, since Google wanted more than just providing data. "By getting the latest data, people will get insights and inspirations from Google at the same time. Google Trends could even be a guideline for digital marketers to set strategies by seeing the habits of the markets, for example," Feliciana stated. Not only that, a Search Engine Optimizer would find Google Year in Search to be helpful to set up the most accessed keywords on Google. 

Google Year in Search was generally a multi-purpose platform for those who were in need of knowing the most recent trends happening around them. Google would always keep on improving to help the users for their online needs. "Thanks for using Google!" well, that was what Feliciana said on her closing statement.

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