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Indonesia Millennial Summit 2020: 8 Points Najwa Shihab Invented on Why Indonesia Would Always Need Young People

18 Jan 20 | 17:00

Amelia Rosary

Indonesia Millennial Summit 2020: 8 Points Najwa Shihab Invented on Why Indonesia Would Always Need Young People

Najwa Shihab as one of the speakers on the “Visionary Leaders” stage stated that most market targets of almost all products nowadays were millennials. Just like IDN Media, Narasi TV, a media company initiated by Najwa, also focused on the millennial audience. She, then, declared 8 points why Indonesian millennials would always be the spearheads of the future of Indonesia.8 points above included:

  1. The history of this country had been defined by young people 

There were 3 milestones that involved Indonesian youths, namely Sumpah Pemuda, Rengasdeklok—where they insisted Soekarno and Hatta to declare their independence proclamation soon, and, of course, Reformasi 1998. 

  1. We still wanted to learn

Because young people still had the energy to learn, we got no fear of having failures.

  1. Only the old ones who still held the slogan “isih penak jamanku, to?”

Only the old generation that still believed in that old slogan “isih penak jamanku, to?” We, as the young generation, would always crawl ahead, create new opportunities to make Indonesia a better place to live.

  1. Young people weren't busy paying bills yet

Paying bills, debts—all that household drama disabled the old generation to reach their dreams. Young people were the ones who were free, full of idealism, critical.

  1. We knew how to open blocked websites using VPN

Digital era opened up everything. At the same time, we were able to grow our solidarity, even make a social movement, and a lot of other positive things. With emotional maturity, the government didn't need to block those sites. 

  1. Young kids could save themselves from the hoaxes, especially those shared in their families' WhatsApp groups

We could consider critically, which one was a hoax, which one was a fact. We just didn't want to solely accept news, but we analyzed the credibility and rationality of that certain news. 


  1. We understood being different was just okay

We were dynamic and we realized that diversities were something inevitable that happened in our society and that was just fine. They even tried to be different, to be more unique than all the rest. Seeing ourselves as the most righteous and disbelieving others were obsolete things that young people would never do.

  1. Time moved on and young kids were the wheels

Era kept on changing because it also kept on going at the same time. 10-20 years after today, the names occupying those political positions wouldn't be remembered any longer. We would replace them to be as best as we could be, as honest as we could be, for the sake of the better Indonesia. 

Those were the 8 reasons invented by Najwa Shihab why Indonesia would always need young people to build up the country. Further information about Indonesia Millennial Summit 2020 could be taken from IDN App on Google Play or Play Store.


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