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Meet Timmy: Community Development of IDN Media and Its Real Engagement with the Audience

5 Feb 20 | 10:38

Amelia Rosary

Meet Timmy: Community Development of IDN Media and Its Real Engagement with the Audience

About to hold IDN Chat as discussed in the two articles before, we’re curious about knowing the implementor of the event: the Community Development of IDN Media. Is it actually still part of the Communications Department? What is the relation between the Community Development itself and Public Relations?

Our Communications Department basically consists of Public Relations and Partnership, Public Relations and Content Creation, Marketing Communications, and Community Development. When asked about the significance of the division she manages, Ruth Dita Christianti, the Community Development Manager, said, “IDN Media wants to embrace our audience not only through the content we produce but also in more direct way where we can really meet and interact with them. Sustaining the relationships we’ve built with our audience is the next thing we do by keeping on conducting new interesting events.”

IDN Media has always wanted to provide what it has for our audience. Athira Esa Sekarwati, the Community Development Associate, added, “We have Melting Pot, for example, and we’re open if our communities want to utilize the modest place for a certain event. By doing so, we believe that real and practical engagement like this will remove the gap between the company and the audience.” Creating channels that provide different interests and fulfilling their preferences with attractive topics are actually keys to get closer to the audience.


Branding, according to Ruth and Athira, isn’t always about the company exposure, but it’s more about how we can take part in our audience’s needs. “Managing many people is never easy, but don’t be too easy to give up on organizing them. Since we usually make chat-groups, we can activate those groups by initiating topics to discuss on the chat. Well, that’s a good idea,” they said. 


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