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Meet Timmy of the Month: Getting Self-Actualization, IDN Media’s Business Development Fellows Should Communicate and Note Well

19 Feb 20 | 11:00

Amelia Rosary

Meet Timmy of the Month: Getting Self-Actualization, IDN Media’s Business Development Fellows Should Communicate and Note Well

The other Timmy of the Month is Rizka Yuviana, our Timmy who always presents the best not only for her performance but also her attitude at work. She's known for her being communicative and genuinely willing to help other Timmys. This is found to be in line with our fourth Timmyness: "Being active and collaborative rather than competitive."

Congratulations, Rizka, you're selected as the Timmy of the Month! Can you share about your role at IDN Media?

I’m very honored! I was previously the Business Development Manager (BDM) of IDN Times for the past 1.5 years. As per January, I’ve become the BDM of IDN Creator Network.

Anyway, how do you like being the Business Development Manager of IDN Creator Network?

Beyond happy, I’m sure. My experiences so far have been all about selling, but joining IDN Creator Network, well, I can say that it’s a new thing for me to learn. I’m still young and I believe there are many things out there that I still need to learn, like dealing with KOLs from various business backgrounds and connecting them with our clients.

What's your guideline to undergo your own life? 

As simple as trying to always be happy because when you’re happy, you’re going to enjoy every single little thing in your life. Most importantly, a happy heart is good medicine and a cheerful mind works healing一remember that.

How do you usually tackle difficulties with others? 

Communication should always stand above all. Delivering what you think to that person in a good, positive way is, I think, really going to work. 

Why are you grateful to become a part of IDN Media? 

I’m so grateful because I can have a self-actualization here一I can be the way I really am and that’s such a privilege. I’m able to learn many other things, to go out of my own box. It feels so right that my co-workers and my head, who double as my friends, are always appreciative of whatever I try and afford. 

How do you claim yourself to be useful for others at the office?

Sharing what I understand with those wanting to have a better comprehension of something is cool一I do that quite a lot. I also make a proposal for clients on my own whenever I know that our Digital Strategy team is busy with something else.

What do you dream about? 

I want to go traveling, but make money at the same time. Haha! Everyone wants it, I know, but having a clear career path, becoming more expert in the realm I’ve been into is probably what I want the most.

What's your saying for other Business Development Managers out there so that you guys can give your best performance at work?

I’ve previously mentioned that good communication means a lot. However, in terms of dealing with customers, we better write down every single detail that our clients mention. That way, in case we have a hitch with them, we can just prove what we’ve got. 

Last question, what do you do to keep being happy while working in a fast-paced company?

Young people work hard and play hard at the same time. Chill, everyone, we get each other’s back!

"Unity is strength. When there are teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved." With what she learns in IDN Media, she believes that nothing is in vain when she shares it with everyone around her. 

Timmy of the Month is a reward for Timmys who embrace Timmyness fully, take extra miles in doing their job, spread positivity (yes, it's all about the positive vibe), and have a very high standard of integrity.

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