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A Deeper Aim of ICN on the 3rd Year of Its Existence

4 Mar 20 | 19:24

Amelia Rosary

A Deeper Aim of ICN on the 3rd Year of Its Existence

IDN Creator Network (ICN), IDN Media’s creator marketing agency that aims to connect creators and brands through convincing storytelling, is having its 3rd birthday this 8 March 2020.

As it’s getting older, it wants not only to deliver a story behind a brand but to make the marketing campaigns run more effectively through an emotional approach that merges with the spirit of the brand itself. This spirit is what we’re actually building within the IDN Creator Network.

Departing from that, “IDN Creator Network provides a win-win benefit to influencers, which is heavy exposure through IDN Times and Indirectly, this strategy has created a personal relationship between IDN Creator Network and the influencers, thus it can offer direct benefit for a brand to get its competitive pricing,” said Madasakti Octobiyanto, the Product Leader of ICN. It doesn’t stop there, IDN Creator Network provides strategy recommendations, builds creative ideas, and helps select the most suitable influencers in communicating the message that the brand wants to convey to the consumer target. It’s killing two birds with one stone!

Interestingly, the selection of the influencers is not just based on the number of followers, but how those influencers can put ‘the soul’ into a brand through their own self-experience. The process will initiate emotional branding, so the story presented should be authentic, creative, and inspirational. “We hope, this 3rd anniversary of ICN can be a way to remind us it is ICN’s role to ensure the process of emotional branding and that it will run in accordance with what the brand desires and also to measure the impact of the campaign,” Madasakti stated.

To sum up the whole thing above, congratulation, IDN Creator Network, to have made it so far! Three years have passed, a lot more years to come.

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