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International Women’s Day 2020: Female Timmys, Their Challenges, and Tips at Work

8 Mar 20 | 19:30

Amelia Rosary

International Women’s Day 2020: Female Timmys, Their Challenges, and Tips at Work

To let you know, 54% of the employees of IDN Media is female. Since today is the remembrance of International Women’s Day, let’s talk about IDN Media’s 7 superwomen who are willing to share the challenges they find at work. 

  1.  Uni Lubis (Editor-in-Chief of IDN Times)

Going through her social media or checking the newest feed on Jonas Brothers’ account and impromptu meetings are the things distracting her the most. However, as long as she has made up a to-do-list before, she’ll soon get back on track again. To keep her productive, “Don’t forget to sleep at least 5 hours each day, do sport, eat well, and take more or less 30 minutes to relax in the afternoon,” she said. 

  1. Sandra Ratnasari (Editor-in-Chief of

Like Uni Lubis, checking her social media to keep herself updated on the latest issues is the thing that distracts her as well. To keep being productive, she always sticks to her priorities. “Eat and drink well, play instrumental music by Yiruma is another good thing I do during my busy days,” she revealed. 

  1. Judithya Pitana (Editor-in-Chief of


Nothing can compare to the feeling of a mother that has a healthy and happy child. Yes, her child is really the biggest distraction she has. She believes that giving trust to the right person to take care of a certain issue is one of the ways that can optimize Popbela’s productivity. “Giving some space for Popbela’s kiddos to explore themselves more deeply will also make the workflow more effective,” Judithya stated.

  1. Sylvia Alexandra Sudradjat (Head of Business Development)


Making a to-do-list in the morning to know what things she’s got to work on throughout the day is an important thing to help her focus. She always tries her best to optimize her work, but, according to what she said, “Impromptu meetings and discussions distract me so much. You can’t skip it anyway, right, so just keep the discussion simple and straight forward so that you can get back to the to-do-list as soon as possible." 

  1. Zefanya Deby (Head of Communications)

Not so different from the previous figures above, Zefanya considers sudden appointments to be the number one reason that can distract her focus. “What’s coming up in the first list should be done first―it’s all about priority. Listening to music can help you remain calm. I listen to Frank Sinatra,” she said. Being productive, for her, doesn’t always mean getting many things done. Putting our maximum effort is also one of the ways to show our intention to be productive.

  1. Novita Santoso (Head of Audience Development)

“I get distracted when somebody at work invites me to a conversation. That’s why allocating my time wisely is always the suitable weapon to take myself back on track,” she said. Not only that, she has 5 other tricks to boost her productivity. They include knowing when to delegate (asking the right person to take care of an issue will help him/her improve and explore further), making a clear timeline and deadline, hiring a person who’s even smarter than her so that Novita can learn from him/her, looking for the core of a problem, always be available on internet↾ㅡjust in case the WiFi is error.

  1. Diba Saleh (Head of People Operations)

Diba is easily distracted by the variations of food she wants to choose and order through an online application―she keeps scrolling down! Keeping our own commitment to be strict about time management is the one she always keeps in mind. “When we’re late in the morning, we’re also going to be late at the end of the day. It will just ruin other things we’ve got to do. Be aware of your kind of distraction, try anything to get back on your to-do-list.”

Anybody can relate to these distractions stated by the 7 superwomen of IDN Media? We hope this article can help you understand what you need to do when you’re distracted. Happy International Women’s Day!

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