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Small Talk in Popmama Arisan: Mamas are Valuable, No Matter What

9 Oct 19 | 14:41

Amelia Rosary

Small Talk in Popmama Arisan: Mamas are Valuable, No Matter What

We rarely talk about the small events that Popmama conducts, such as Popmama Arisan. However, on this opportunity, we’d like to reveal it more and see how small things can actually make some people know their worth—it’s simply a step at a time.

Most housewives usually will take care not only of their children but also the households. That’s why understands that Mamas need some fun time. Gathering with other Mamas while getting some new knowledge is really the best of both worlds. To know their perspectives about Popmama Arisan, let’s meet Mama Novi, a 26-year-old Mama who’s been invited to Popmama Arisan for several times so far.

Last October 4, 2019, we had a short yet nice conversation at Luminor Hotel Kota about Popmama Arisan with her. “Popmama Arisan is a gathering for 25 Mamas having posted the best comments on Popmama’s Instagram account. I’ve been selected for 4 times. I’m quite lucky since Popmama Arisan is indeed a good event. I’ve always noted down the things we’ve discussed on my phone because none of them are unimportant,” Mama Novi admitted.


The last topic, “Healthy Food during Pregnancy”, wanted us to know that it was totally normal to have weight gain during our pregnancy as it was actually caused by the fetal weight itself (3.5 kg), placenta (1 kg), amniotic fluid (1 kg), extra blood (1 kg), breast (0.5 kg), etc. Even in our post-pregnancy, the weight usually can’t go down very significantly. This basic yet practical discussion was also to let Mamas know the preventive steps to keep our body healthy and in-shape even after giving birth. 

Mama Novi, who was very active during Popmama Arisan October 2019, mentioned that other than knowing her worth better, she could get not only new insights about sufficient and nutritional needs for pregnant Mamas but also more new friends. Every Mama is always beautiful and precious, no matter how their shapes are, as long as they’re healthy and happy.


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