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Barely Knew Each Other, #TT5 Day 2 Brought Timmys Closer

18 Oct 19 | 21:59

Amelia Rosary

Barely Knew Each Other, #TT5 Day 2 Brought Timmys Closer

IDN Media’s 5th-anniversary celebration lasted for two days and on the second day, 18 October 2019, all Timmys had fun at Dunia Fantasi. The event was not formal as it was full of games that we called “Amazing Race”. By having some fun together, this moment became the bonding time of all Timmys that turned out to be exceptionally important as it created a good team spirit.

Having to go through five rides in Dunia Fantasi, we were divided into several groups consisting of nine to ten members from different departments. After each ride, the teams had to finish some games that would involve the teams’ collaboration. Chef Gilang from Yummy shared his experience, “Riding Kora-Kora wasn’t easy for me since it was my first time, so I was totally nervous! I barely knew the Timmys in my group, but they encouraged me to defeat my own fear! It felt so heartwarming!”

After spending some fun time in Dunia Fantasi with all Timmys from all around Indonesia, we had a special dinner together. It was also an award night for Timmys who had been working for IDN Media for some years. These loyal Timmys were expected to be an inspiration for other Timmys in how to handle challenges and be ready for whatever they might face at the work-life. 

At the end of the night before we started having fun, Winston Utomo, once again, emphasized the meaning of the hashtag we created: #IAMINCLUDED. He said, “Diversity is merely when you, with different backgrounds, are able to gather right here in this place, but inclusion is when you are able to embrace each Timmy, no matter what their background, perspective, and personality are. We are here to get along to make the most beautiful symphony with IDN Media as the medium.”

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