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IDN Media HQ Open House Day 2: Staying Alive in Rapid Changes

30 Oct 19 | 13:00

Amelia Rosary

IDN Media HQ Open House Day 2: Staying Alive in Rapid Changes

On Tuesday, 29 October 2019, we had the presence of Norisa Saifuddin (SVP Marketing Communication of BCA), Piotr Jakubowski (Founder and Chief Strategist of We Are Not Machines), and Prof. dr. Fachmi Idris, M.Kes (Executive Director of BPJS Kesehatan). We’d like to talk about the things we need to remain in order to survive in this advanced era.

This second day of the Open House was also opened by William Utomo as the COO of IDN Media. After welcoming everyone who came over on the second day, he invited Norisa Saifuddin as the SVP Marketing Communication of Bank Central Asia (BCA) onto the stage. She started her sharing by stating the main value of BCA: “Always by Your Side”. The watchword wasn’t only for the customers, but it was actually also for the team. BCA believed people did matter and that a happy team would always increase productivity. She mentioned that there were three main important things that could create a ‘healthy’ team, “First, be a coach that listens and empowers—don’t be the one who always talks, but be the one who listens so that we understand what our co-workers feel personally and professionally. Second, do collaborate and empower—we do say no to silo, a management system that disables the people to freely communicate with others. Third, do engage to have a good horizontal relationship, no matter what the positions and roles are.”


The talk was continued by Piotr Jakubowski as the Founder and Chief Strategist of We Are Not Machines who discussed disruptions and marketing organizations from the perspective of media company. He stated that supported by the easy access, digital media had the most rapid disruptions as it always had constant changes even in every single day. Piotr mentioned five thoughts we should have in order to be ready for and able to get along with disruption. “Number one, it’s you being responsible for any kind of disruption in your company or even in Indonesia—if you can’t deal with the disruption or if you don’t prepare for it, you’re drowned. Two, digital marketing is not just digital marketing, but it is marketing effectively in the digital world. Three, become your customers—think how your customers want you to treat them, map the experience and get in! Four, be fast and furious—execute, if fail, learn, and repeat. Five, be the champion—read, read, read, share, and convert!”


The last speaker for today, Prof. dr. Fachmi Idris, M.Kes as the Executive Director of BPJS Kesehatan, invited all of us to be more aware of the significance of BPJS Kesehatan. Investing in our future with insurance should really start from the ages of millennials. “It is not only protection that we get through BPJS Kesehatan but also sharing as well as compliance.  Protection is when you know you're protected if you're ill and need expensive medical expenses. Sharing is when you don't use the insurance because you're in good health, so your insurance is used to help other people in need. While compliance is when you've fulfilled the need of your basic health decently as an Indonesian citizen based on Indonesian Law Number 40 of 2004." Millennials were mentioned to be the agent of change that shifted the perspective of the usage of insurance from "only when ill" to "protecting myself and others needing it". 

We've got to be more aware of our own roles as millennials. We are the ones that should listen more, stay alert for any disruption, and become the agent of change for a better Indonesia. This has turned out to be in line with one of our Timmyness values, namely to be able to thrive in ambiguity and a fast-paced environment with constant changes.


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