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IDN Times’ Reporter about IDN Media HQ: Humility is the Essence of Intelligence

15 Nov 19 | 17:25

Amelia Rosary

IDN Times’ Reporter about IDN Media HQ: Humility is the Essence of Intelligence

IDN Media is a media company that represents the voice of Millennials and Gen Z that has just moved to the new home of ours. After more than a month of occupying IDN Media HQ at Jalan Jenderal Gatot Subroto, Kavling 27, Jakarta 12950, this news reporter called Irfan Fathurohman will be sharing with us about his experience of IDN Media’s progress after all these five years. 

It was back in March 2018 on which he first joined IDN Media as a contributor to news articles. Six months later, he was given a chance to become a reporter of IDN Times. It apparently was his very first job right after he graduated from university. “What was on the top of my head was that IDN Media was a startup company and so I could grow along with it. I had no experience, IDN Media accepted me for who I was, so I thought it was the right time to start my career,” he recalled.

Previously occupying the former creative lab at Jalan Palmerah Utara 62A, Jakarta 11480, Irfan revealed his excitement about moving to the new IDN Media HQ, “I can’t say how much I am impressed! At Palmerah creative lab, we didn’t even have enough rooms to hold a meeting, but now we do have plenty. It’s a nice journey after all.” IDN Media HQ is surely a remembrance to the voyage of IDN Media itself and it’s still a long way to go.

Being asked about the facilities of and access to IDN Media HQ, Irfan admitted that it was so much of a benefit, “Since I take care of any governmental news, the location of IDN Media HQ as the central government of Jakarta helps me go back and forth to the news sources easily. The facilities, especially the big televisions in the newsroom help reporters a lot. We can see the analytics of our audiences as well as the most recent news. Not all our reporters will be able to get into the State Palace of Indonesia to cover news, for example, but monitoring the news through these big televisions will indeed help us keep being productive in a fast-paced atmosphere of working.” 

Irfan was proud not only of IDN Media for its achievements so far but also of Winston Utomo for his being humble. What Winston had said about the long journey we still needed to get through, as he said, was very in line with what he had in mind. "All we need to cherish now is to stay on the ground because humility is the essence of intelligence; it is not an achievement," he emphasized.


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