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October Batch Timmys: Professional Individuals Holding Humanity before All

28 Nov 19 | 11:39

Amelia Rosary

October Batch Timmys: Professional Individuals Holding Humanity before All

Having been working in IDN Media since last month, we’d like to know what these Timmys have already had in mind about IDN Media. Since they have started being busy with their own tasks, on this opportunity, we’re going to welcome the representatives of October batch Timmys: Agung, Andiza, Iis, Ajeng, and Aulia Amri by having some time to talk with them. 

At lunchtime, we sat together at the corner of IDN Media HQ’s melting pot. We talked about how they felt after a month of becoming a part of IDN Media. Since they were also the one batch experiencing the office relocation—from Palmerah to Gatot Subroto, we first asked them what their thought was. Arief mentioned, “We felt like we were welcomed by the whole teams. We went into the new office and took a vacation right after with other Timmys across Indonesia to celebrate #TT5 (Timmy Turns Five). Splendid!” 

IDN Media, for them, was well-known for its being a segmented startup media company in Indonesia. Agung added, "If you're familiar with any creative agency—I did work at one, you'll be familiar with IDN Media's reputation as well. Going pretty often to Tech in Asia also makes me know the segment that IDN Media is into." Agung, based on his perspective, stated that the target readers of IDN Times, specifically, was more general so that the audience coverage was way broader, too. We created news with dictions and structures that could be consumed and understood by all Indonesians in all layers. In addition, with the coming of Hyperlocals by IDN Times, it made all people around Indonesia get easier access to get any recent updates even from their own regions. 

Regarding the IDN's values, October batch Timmy named Ajeng stated, "Being open to diversities, appreciative, and inclusive at the same time have become the special things from IDN Media that most people will remember about IDN Media at the firsthand. However, the one that works out well for me is the focus and speed value. I'm required to do something quickly as well as thoroughly at the same time and it lets me learn so much." That way, she believed that every single output she presented was all the best she could afford for the benefit of the company. 

With IDN Media, they came along with the expectations to be better not only in terms of experiences but also personalities. With the combination of the two, they believed that they would obtain the best versions of professional individuals who held humanity before all. 

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